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Net Developer: Who is it, Responsibility and how to enter the Profession


So, imagine yourself in the place of a novice developer. 2 years of work, the programmer allowed him to find out the foundations of the .NET Framework, learn to work with SQL Server, and even read about the arrangement of the garbage collector. The basic knowledge and skills that allow .NET applications to create, on the spot-what is not a .NET developer? But periodically he thinks that it is time to move on, not always to remain a Junior developer. How do grow further? What are the options? You will find out who he is, his responsibilities, and how to start providing Net development services

This is how we all face a difficult choice of direction of development. Some of us are lucky enough to have an experienced leader or fellow mentor to help us move up a notch or point us in the right direction. But most find themselves alone with this problem.

Skills Developer in demand in job vacancies

The problem of people choosing the direction of development haunted me for a long time. The idea is that the skills that need to be developed should be in demand by the labour market, so the portrait of a sought-after developer or architect should be somehow reflected in the vacancies of employers.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of public resources where employers post vacancies, indicating the requirements for applicants: a specific list of required knowledge and skills. So what was the point then? You just need to analyze this database and as a result, we, in theory, will have an answer to our question.

Skill Demand Rating

The sample for analysis was 300 current vacancies. A list of required skills was extracted from each job description, and the following statistics were collected for each of the skills obtained:

The number of mentions of the skill in the analyzed vacancies, and, accordingly, the percentage of the number of mentions of the skill in the vacancies and the total number of vacancies considered. In fact, this indicator is considered the level of demand or popularity of the skill..

All acquired skills are grouped into three categories: hard skills, soft skills, and technology – in order not to compare skills between these categories, as this comparison would look strange and useless.

The final rating includes 10 popular skills in each of the three categories.

Technology Rating

In technologies, ASP.NET MVC wins by a huge margin: the requirement to own this technology was met in 3 out of 4 vacancies. As a former desktop developer, it was a revelation to me that all desktop UI technologies lose ASP.NET MVC by 6 times, and in total WPF and Windows, Forms lose by 2.5 times. If statistics are to be believed, the fate of desktop interface development seems rather vague.

Interesting fact: WPF and Windows Forms have the same level of demand – about 15%. It turned out that these skills were required in the same vacancies only in 2% of cases, that is, some companies still use Windows Forms, and other companies are already using WPF in their application development.

In the second place, there is still a “must-have” skill in working with SQL Server and using Transact-SQL in every second vacancy. A third of job openings require knowledge of WCF, XML, and XSLT. In every fourth – LINQ. Well, and completes the list – EF.

If you look at the salary statistics, the highest paid jobs are those that mention HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, and JavaScript (other JavaScript platforms were mentioned in vacancies, but rarely, and therefore did not make it to the top list).

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