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Time To Try Some New Jewellery This Summer



As a woman, you must know what a great deal of power a designer item of jewellery entails. Since now is the summer, the whole central idea is about exposure. Meaning now women prefer to wear items of clothing which are breezy and light. This also means now there will be now overcoats or blazers to cover your body and hence you will need items of jewellery to highlight your overall look.

From simple gold chains to tingling Tanzanite rings to subtle diamond rings, you can take a deep dive into the world of fashion and open your bags to embrace the pandemic-free summer season.

Here are some Jewellery ideas you can try out this summer 2022:

  1. Scarf Play: The scarf fashion was high during the last decade and women completely adore it. But in this present age, the scarf fashion has been modernized and also its utility changed. While earlier women wore it to cover their heads but now it is used for much more than that. Women now wear a scarf to have a free-spirited and fastened make-up experience. For example- women wrap the scarf around in such a way that their neck, ears and cheeks are visible. 

You too can try wearing a scarf this way and wear a Tanzanite earring or a diamond rings for women to elevate your look in a subtle, classy manner. Scarfs also have some play around too. You can wear an amazing American pink diamond tennis bracelet to further highlight your overall look.

  1. Choker: One of the key emerging themes this year around is the big and bold jewellery theme. Many women prefer to make a statement out of their overall look especially when they go out. For those women, choker-type jewellery is the ideal choice. 

You can wear a choker-type necklace to an after-party festival, casual occasions or general get-together events. Paring it with an awesome-looking Tanzanite stud earring or Turkizite gemstone earring makes sense.

This is because in the summer times you should not trouble yourself by wearing hoops and other fashioner earrings since most choker-type necklaces are made of lightweight Sterling Silver or other materials like bronze, etc. 

  1. Animal Themed Jewelry: These days the dominant jewellery design theme is animal-themed jewellery items. There are several animal-themed necklaces, earrings, rings, and others available in stores, and younger women especially favour them. However, if you so wish, you can mix and match it with an awesome-looking Lapis Lazuli pendant.

This is because most animal-themed jewellery items are light in colour and mostly made from Sterling Silver and hence can enhance your overall look-up to a great extent.

Also, if you wish to reduce some of the visual bulk, you can very easily mix and match the look with other gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires and others. This is because all these stones are deep coloured and hence suitable to reduce the eye’s visual bulk more effectively than others.

  1. Stacked Rings: Although this was the fashion at the height of the 90s sometime during the 2008s they went out of fashion. This year after the Paris fashion show stacked rings were again in fashion. You too can try this trend out by combining different items of jewellery, and fashionable rings and then pairing them with a good Tanzanite bracelet. A tennis bracelet along with some stacked rings will make you look awesome in a sense it will give you a tough look. 

But this fashion is for casual events, do not wear stacked rings to the office. This is because in office or other formal events a minimum decent decorum is required to be maintained.

  1. Beaded Necklaces: Do you remember those childhood days when you wore candy-coated beaded necklaces to the beach and other places. Then this fashion will make a lot of sense to you. For others who did not try out this fashion in their childhood, it will be an acquired taste and something they can live with. In essence, beaded necklaces are an item to be worn at the beach and you should follow this rule rigorously. This is because beach makeup and looks are a lot different from the city landscape.

For example- on the beach, you have to wear a monokini, or other similar light dress and most of your body will be exposed but no matter the amount of makeup you wear the beach water will wash away all that. Hence the only way to highlight your beauty is by wearing suitable jewellery items.


Use the above guide to create your next summer jewellery shopping list. Just make sure to not go overboard with any one item of jewellery and try to collect different jewellery items and then mix and match them to different occasions.

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