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Reason To Wireless Internet Becomes Slower


Wireless Internet

WIFI connection is used for the wireless connection. As the mention of wireless that means this connection is established through the air and can easily get interrupted. This is the hard part of the wireless connection. In the time of setup, the connection remains fast but afterward, the connection gets slower and slower. This connection uses a specific frequency that is also used by other devices.

Though there are many reasons for the slow wireless internet connection. We will find out the actual reason behind the connection interrupt problem. And we will do this by login into the default router IP not this misspelled 192.168.0.l IP.

Long Distance

Wireless connection depends on the distance of its capability. And it also depends on the ability of the router. Every WIFI router has a specified coverage area. If your device is not in the area of the WIFI, you can’t access the internet. The longer the distance is the weaker the connection.

Most routers use 2.4 GHz for covering a wide range of connections. Recently every router includes 5 GHz for the best speed in a shortage area. But this is not perfect for a good WIFI connection.

Signal blocker

WIFI is wireless technology. We know that this technology works fine in an open area. But it is hard to give enough space to a router in our house or office. So, the connection gets interrupted and we face a slow internet connection problem.

For getting a clear and smooth connection we have to place the router in an open place. So that other devices can capture the frequency perfectly without any problem.

There is some common signal blocker that interrupts connection. Such as Heavy metal door, still door, glass door, brick wall, etc.

Frequency Obstacles

There are lots of devices that block or use the same frequency that WIFI use. Cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors and all the device that use wireless connection is signal obstacles. Therefore WIFI use 2.4GHz wireless frequency and other wireless devices also use the same frequency.

So, all those devices make a traffic jam and the WIFI connection get slower.

Neighbors WIFI connection

Wi-Fi connection is a common term in the recent world. So everyone uses this wireless connection in their home, office, or any other workplace. If you live in a populated area then it is common that your Smartphone already discovers lots of WIFI connections. If this is true in your place then your WIFI connection will be slow. In the time of connection, those other routers also use the same frequency.

By using the same frequency, routers get into a connection traffic jam. So the connection gets slower. There are many reasons for the slow internet connection. Sometimes it is the fault of the ISP and sometimes it is the fault of the router. But that doesn’t occur openly.

The main reason behind the slow internet I have mentioned above. You can also maintain the WIFI connection setting in the admin area. For doing that, you have to go to the default router IP Don’t use 192.168.0.l for login, it is a misspelled IP.

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