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Instagram Widget – Why Should You Use it on Your Website?


Love for Insta is increasing day by day. Scrolling on Instagram is one of the most addictive social media platforms that people are using these days. Nowadays, the Instagram channel is not only limited to users. Instead, brands, businesses, and digital marketers are using it for promoting their brands or products on social media platforms.

Brands are expanding on Gram! Showcasing the exclusive collection, sales, and user-generated content on the platform is helping brands in increasing their brand visibility, followers, active users, conversion rate & ROI. Brands are presenting user-generated content in the form of texts, images, or videos to gain the most attention and authenticity for their brand.

What is Instagram Widget?

Instagram feed widget is the tool through which you can accommodate your Instagram wall or account feeds on your official brand website. Brands are using it extensively. It is one of the most efficient & effective marketing strategies for targeting their audience and potential users.

It is quite easy to thrust the feeds of your social media account on the website. You need to add the hashtag, handle, or the mention of your business account, and you will get all the relevant feeds. You can embed the Instagram feed widget to your website with the right social media aggregator tool.

Why should your brand use Instagram Widget on the Website?

When a user is on your website, they expect something new, interesting, attractive, and trustworthy. Adding an Instagram post widget to the website will help you in building brand trust, user engagement, and a higher conversion rate.

Not only these, driving the Instagram widget to your website will be beneficial for your brand in many other ways as well. Benefits of driving Instagram feed on your website include:

  • Builds trust and Authenticity towards the brand: When you integrate the Instagram widget to your website, it convinces your users to trust in your brand. Visitors do not believe in what you say about your brand; they believe in what your users have to say about your brand. User-generated content helps in realizing the authenticity of your brand and builds trust in your customers.
  • Adds to the attractiveness of the website: Instagram Widget is full of user-generated content, colors, and expressions. Every time your social media feed gets refreshed, the content is automatically updated in the Instagram widget of the website. So, whenever the user pays a visit to your website, they encounter fresh content on your website, which keeps them attracted to your brand.
  • Improvised Brand Visibility: Visual content gains attention! Yes, when you embed the Instagram widget on your website, you showcase the products and the expressions of your users in the form of images, videos, gifs, and much more. As a result, it leads to the improvised visibility of your brand.
  • Increase user time on your website: Instagram widget grabs the attention of the visitor and keeps them busy in checking out the visual content of your social media account. It keeps visitors for a bit longer on your website and increases the opportunity of converting them into potential customers.
  • Social platforms are more easily accessible: When you add an Instagram widget to your website, it becomes quite easy to check out your social media account for more exclusive product collection or sales. When people encounter your social media account, they check for more testaments, and it helps them believe in your brand.
  • Opens-up new options for making the direct purchase: When a visitor hovers over the image in the Instagram widget, it opens up, shows them the user-generated content, and the shoppable link of the product. This is how embedding an Instagram feed helps your customer in exploring other options of shopping from your brand.
  • Higher conversion rate: Instagram widget or the visual testaments convinces your user extensively to buy a product from your brand. Enhanced user engagement, trust, and brand authenticity result in transforming maximum visitors into potential customers. When you offer maximum exposure of your brand to the customers, undoubtedly, it increases the conversion rate of your brand amazingly.
  • Improvises your social network: You must have followers and influencers on your social media account and the visitors on your website. But as you connect your social media account with the official website, it helps you in targeting your largest audience. It is because some might be on your social media handle and some to your official website. As soon as you add the Instagram widget to your website it increases your influencers and followers on your social media account & helps you increase the number of visitors on your official website.

Final Words

“Opportunities are in front of everyone, but a successful person grabs it on time”.

Instagram widget is the key to showcasing the trust and love of your users towards your brand. By embedding it you are proving yourself as the trustworthy brand of the users. It enables you to grab more visitors, and the visual representation of the content in the form of images or videos grabs the attention, which helps you attract more new visitors, followers, and users. Incorporate the Instagram widget to your brand website to boost customer engagement.

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