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Should I Go to Therapy? Reasons for Seeing a Therapist


Whilst seeing a therapist is beneficial for helping to work through any issues that may be troubling a person, especially ones relating to suicidal thoughts, it is not the best option for someone that is at a crisis point. When an individual’s problems have gone so far that they are in crisis, they should reach out to a suicide prevention helpline. In such an instave, people are often encouraged to visit a local emergency room (ER) for help. From there on and once a person is no longer in crisis, a therapist can help to tackle any problems that they may have. 

Where emotional concerns or mental health problems begin to impact normal everyday life, that is when seeing a therapist can be and often is highly beneficial. Going through therapy helps to shed light on what a person is feeling, why they are feeling that way, and what they can do to cope with those feelings. One of the best therapists to see in the Pacific North West.

Here people will find a safe space where they are able to talk about anything that they are experiencing in their life which may be causing them some concern. This can be something such as the break up of a relationship, problems at work, or financial difficulties. 

Considerations of Therapist

Most people do not see a therapist without taking on board certain considerations and without waiting to see if the passage of time changes things for them. According to the American Psychological Association, the things that need to be considered before proceeding with going to see a therapist include if thinking about an issue or issues takes up much of your time if an issue makes a person want to avoid others or causes them embarrassment, if an issue interferes with quality of life, if an issue negatively impacts of relationships or work/school, or if an issue has caused a person to develop certain habits in order to cope with it.

Some of the ways in which these issues can manifest themselves are through the following emotions or behaviors:

  • Feeling overwhelmed – feeling as though there are many different things to do or issues to handle can leave a person not being able to rest or even feeling like they cannot breathe. This has the potential to lead to significant health problems.
  • Being fatigued – mental health issues can leave a person feeling physically fatigued. This results in a person sleeping more and for longer periods of time. When awake, they may want to spend more time lazing in bed and they may actually find it difficult to get out of bed sometimes.

Withdrawing from socializing – wanting to spend time away from others and alone is an obvious sign that there is an issue. Whilst spending time by oneself is something that most people enjoy, doing this all of the time and specifically avoiding social situations is not a normal state.

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