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Slow Torrents? Easy way to fix it



No one wants a slug for a torrent download speed. You are using torrents to download necessary files firstly because it is a faster mode of downloading. If the speed were to be lower than expected, then it sure is disappointing. In this article, I will share some valuable insight about how you can boost your torrents speed.

What Is Torrent?

This is to inform those who may not have a clear idea about what torrent is and how it works. Torrents is a peer-to-peer file-sharing technology utilizing which you can share and download any files like games, software, movies, and much other stuff. Many websites like The Pirate Bay, 0123putlockers, RARBG, and YTS provide magnet links for torrents.

The fun thing about torrent is that it does not use the central server like regular downloads; instead, torrents uses a decentralized server to make the file sharing possible. The torrent websites offer magnet links to your desired file. You can download them and use them on apps like uTorrent or BitTorrent to download the file.

Why Is torrent slow?

Multiple known and unknown reasons may work behind the torrent being slow. Lack of seeders for your wished file may cause the torrent speed to slow down; the ‘wi-fi only’ mode enabled in your app may stop or slow down the torrents speed when you are trying to download using the cellular network. Your network connection may also cause a slow torrents issue.

How To Fix Slow Torrent?

Now that you have gained an idea of what torrents are, we can discuss how you can fix the slow torrent issue.

Lightweight Torrent Client

Lightweight torrent clients are best if you want a little extra speed than you are getting currently. Although a famous app, BitTorrent comes with additional unnecessary features, making the download slower for you. But there are some excellent alternatives like uTorrent or qTorrent.

UTorrent is a very easy-to-use torrent client that comes with very minimalistic and essential features. The user interface is very simple-looking. Lightweight torrent clients are great because they only focus on downloading the torrent files for you instead of all the extra features. The transfer rates in both uTorrent and qTorrent are great. The uTorrent, qTorrent is available on Android, Mac, windows.

Choose A Healthy Torrent

A healthy torrent depends on the number of seeders and leechers. Don’t know what Seeders and leechers are? The one who has the complete download file of the torrent is a seeder, and who does not have a full file, and joins the network to download it, is a leecher. After gaining the complete file, a leecher also becomes a seeder.

A healthy torrent file has more seeders than leechers. The bigger number of seeders affirms a higher download speed. So, you must check the seeder-leecher ratio before downloading a torrent.

Change The General Settings

A better configuration of the uTorrent app helps boost up the torrent download speed on your device. I have mentioned below three crucial options that you need to check.

Go to Options> Preferences> General and check to Append.!ud to incomplete files. Now Pre-allocate all files. Check the third option if it is not checked.

Add windows Firewall Exception.

Windows firewall can block your uTorrent or another torrent client that you may be using. If you add an exception to your windows firewall, that may potentially boost up your torrent speed. Follow the steps below to add a firewall exception-

  • Go to Options.
  • Then to Preferences.
  • Next, navigate to Connections.
  • Now you need to check the Add Windows Firewall Exception and click on apply.

Always remember not to block the firewall entirely. It will leave your computer unprotected.

Limit Your Global Upload And Download Rate

There is a trick for you to boost the torrent download on clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, qTorrent; it is by limiting the upload and download rate. Torrents live on the upload done by the users. So, if you are turning it off or minimizing the speed below one kB/s, then it is not going to help.

Try keeping the speed at 70% to 80% of your maximum upload speed. Take the steps below-

  • Properties
  • Bandwidth
  • Now set the Global Upload Rate at 80% of your top upload speed.

Is Mediafire Safe?

If you are using Mediafire, then you might be questioning its safety. Mediafire offers zero encryptions for your files, therefore making it technically


A torrent is a great tool for free video and software downloading, But we do not want to mar the download experience with a very sluggish download speed. I am sure that using the tips I mentioned will surely help you speed up the download. Let me know if you are still struggling with slow download.

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