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Sporting a woman’s top hat – A few crucial things that you should consider

Top hat

The top hat is also known as the topper, high hat, and even a cylinder hat. It has a flat crown and is tall. According to the Western dress codes, it is usually linked with formal wear, which means you can pair it with your frock coat, morning dress, and a white tie. Conventionally, made of grey or black silk, the top hat made it to the Western fashion scene during the end of the 18th century. Even though the hat experienced a decline during the 1960s counterculture, it is a formal style accessory to date. And during the 19th century, there came a collapsible variant of this hat called the opera hat.

Find the correct fit

You can have the best womens top hat, but it can destroy your entire look if the size and fit are wrong. Do you want to get your fit and look right? If yes, you can opt-in for a measuring guide and get the correct fit. Follow these steps:

  • Get a soft tape and then place the same around your head. Make sure that it’s above your ears by an inch and is straight.
  • You should measure in inches or centimeters and use this measurement to arrive at the correct hat size.
  • A well-fitted hat must rest about half an inch atop the ears and sit straight. It should not get titled to the back or side.

The style of the top hat

The height and shape of most antique silk top hats had changed across the years. The crowns here became slightly taller, and the brims got narrower. And the standard shape of most antique silk top hats is the bell shape that comes with minimal curved sides. However, there are also instances of the stove-pipe variant that is incredibly tall and comes with straight sides.

You can choose the shape depending on your personal choice. For instance, if your head is small, you might select a crown with less height to maintain a good proportion. And the same applies to the top hat height. You can also come across the six-inch hat, which is a walking topper.

The difference between the modern and antique top hats

Usually, the antique top hats are conventional and get made with a distinctive silk plush and a long nap, which gives it a classy look. However, the looms that initially came up with the fabric aren’t functional and have stopped production.

However, a contemporary counterpart is a silk Melusine Top Hat made using Melusine, a long-haired fur felt that is a near-perfect alternative to its silk originals. Hence, it results in a hat that is polished beautifully and looks classy. The fur felt women’s top hat also uses fur felt finished with Melton wool and lined in white satin.

The crucial do’s and don’ts of wearing a woman’s top hat

The don’ts

  • Refrain from keeping the hat on its head – When keeping it on any flat surface, make sure it is down upright, and its brim faces the table. It helps to keep the crown condition correct, which is susceptible to damage. If it gets worn once, you can never repair it. It might just get blackened if you wish to reduce the damaging effect.
  • Refrain from using a radiator –Just in case you are caught up in the rain and the hat gets wet, allow it to dry naturally in an airy and warm environment. It would help if you never used direct heat to dry the hat, as that can distort the hat shape.
  • Refrain from using the hat to like a champagne bucket –Usually, people do this at a party. But if you want to keep your hat looking the same for more years, you shouldn’t indulge in this practice.

The do’s

  • Ensure that it shines –When you have bought the antique silk top hat, you should buff it from time to time to have a polished appearance. You can use a velvet pad and sweep over the hat surface towards the nap a couple of times to sustain the shine and sheen.

The perfect time to wear the hat

According to experts, women can wear a top hat anywhere, including outdoors and indoors. Some experts also say that every hat-wearing needs to get encouraged. There are a few weddings where you will be expected to wear the top hat. If you don’t know how to wear this hat for a wedding, you can research it as it will prevent you from making any mistakes. However, few experts say that a woman needs to remove the top at church or sit-down dinner at a wedding. You can study the hat-wearing etiquettes and make your choice accordingly.

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