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How is the Persistence of the Covid-19 Pandemic Stressing Towards Online Modes of Education?


With over one and half years down of striving hard into the pandemic era, we as a nation have suffered a lot on various grounds. Still, one of them was; however, too much extent brings an alternative that helped our country provide a basis for ongoing education and boost the literacy rate and others to keep students in pace with their education. 

Yes, the online teaching app is the only solution in front of every person right back there on the emergence of the pandemic back at the beginning of the year 2020. Bringing digitalization into the field of education has helped students in schools and students from various national and international educational institutes continue their studies into enrolled courses without any delays and changing of curriculum. 

Countries worldwide are doing fantastic at vaccinating their citizens as soon as possible. They could go back again into the world of normalcy and practice freedom of movement to access their career goals and educational aspirations.

Nevertheless, as we are already witnessing, the cases so far have started to come down. Still, they have not entirely stopped, and with the current scene of variations, the efficiency of vaccines so produced has also come across critical observation. The curbing down of restrictions all over the country is also a threat towards a new wave that might strike us with the festival season approaching soon in October and November. 

Reopening of schools worldwide and offices is already going under in-person practices with few still going with work from home modes like the IT genre workforce mostly. Introducing back the regular physical practices among numerous schools and educational institutions should be considered only when a merger of online courses is included to bring on the normalcy with a bit of consciousness to the present scenario we are dealing with herein. 

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It is evident from various known sources that digitalization into education should not remain applicable only as an alternative to physical education practices whenever there is a national and international emergency, as the same we witnessed during this horrific ones and half years down pandemic.

Online education has helped to conduct education without any halts or difficulties of not attending physical grounds. However, it has also helped the government curb the spread of the virus to a great extent as with the restriction of movement, especially for the adults and providing facilities at home for continuing practices in enrolled courses and countering the spread of the virus on massive levels. 

Various Benefits of Online Learning Even After Pandemic 

Improves Time Management education

With no classroom times, within an online degree for professionals seeking online skills has made it possible for them to become flexible at performing different work and also an ability to re-schedule their routine on terms and conditions of no one but their own. 

Induces Better Virtual Communication Skills and Collaboration 

The programs under which you are enrolled online provide you with ambient opportunities to participate and show and upgrade your skills and ideas and enable you to come up with a professional and robust argument every time you need to speak.

Promotes Skill Learning

It helps students and other professionals to develop skills to operate the computers and androids much more than they used to do while learning in physical classes held at schools or colleges. 

Nowadays, even students belonging to primary and pre-primary sections have an idea of Skype, Google Classroom, and many others.

Global Learning

It offers you an opportunity to learn from global institutes and have a global perspective of things and professions for those seeking masters or other degrees.

At last, with the above very elaborative pros of online learning mentioned, it is also essential to consider the same importance to curb the spread of it. As physical education overall is a threat towards another deadly waved which we experienced in the month of April-may 2021. 

There should be a collaborative strategy to be adopted in particular focus to limit physical education. That doesn’t mean that one has to eradicate the idea of reopening and to introduce the same only with the online facilities retaining so to keep learning and at the same time keep others and especially the future of the country safe.

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