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Technical Support and Desktop Support – What is the Difference?

Technical Support And Desktop Support – What Is The Difference?
Technical Support And Desktop Support – What Is The Difference?


The notion of support difference is used to name something that provides support, which can be physical or symbolic. The technical, on the other hand, is associated with what applied in science or IT.

The support difference, therefore, is assistance offered by companies to their customers to use their products or services. The purpose of technical support is to help customers to solve specific problems.

It is the service provided to companies or people looking for solutions to failures, whether physical (hardware) or logical (software) of a computer and is provided by a staff specialized in computer science or maintenance of the same so-called technicians.

Should be noted, in general, the care provided through technical support does not usually include training or user training. It means that, if the person communicates with technical support because they do not know how to use the service, the most likely employee is that they refer him to another sector and not instruct him. Therefore, many companies have two different areas: on the one hand, technical support, and on the other, the training sector.

What is the Technical Support Service Desk?

Technical support is a range difference of services that assist with the hardware or software of a computer, or some other electronic or mechanical device. In general, professional support services try to help the user to solve specific problems with a product instead of training or personalizing.

Most companies that sell hardware, software offer technical support by phone or online. Institutions and companies usually have their technical support employees. There are in turn multiple free places on the web regarding technical support engineers, in which more experienced users help newbies.

What is Desktop Support difference?

Help Desk or Desktop Support difference is a resource of information and assistance to solve problems with computers and similar products. Corporations often provide support (Desk Support Technician) to their consumers via the totally free phone number, website, or e-mail. There is also internal support that provides the same type of help for internal employees only.

A helpdesk has several tasks. It offers users a central point to receive help on various issues concerning the computer. The help desk typically manages your requests via software that allows you to track user requests with a single ticket number. It can also be called “Local Bug Tracking” or LBT for its acronym.

What does Desktop Support Technician Do?

Difference In a help desk, the user notifies his problem, and he issues a ticket containing the details of the problem; if the first level can solve the problem, the ticket is closed and updated with documentation of the solution to allow other service technicians to have a reference. If the issue needs to be accelerated, it will forward it to a second level.

 Meet Help Desktop Support Engineer or support service for organizations that do not have a system or IT area that can solve the daily problems that organizations present in hardware and software issues allowing them to perform their work in the best way and to have continuity

What is Technical Support Role?

The work of the support technician divided difference into two areas: hardware (aimed at the physical part of the equipment) and software (designed at programs, including the operating system). He also performs two types of work. Protective care using a desktop sharing software, which does not delay the normal activity of users. And which aimed at preventing failures in the software and hardware of the systems. The corrective maintenance using remote support software, is an exceptional work usually urgent and can interfere with regular user activity, and is aimed at repairing severe flaws in hardware and software. Many times part of the support strategy, includes the use of the remote assistance program using the remote desktop or virtual desktop solution to solve the problems.


Like a maintenance technician, a technical support analyst difference must possess real technical skills (for hardware and software) and the ability to know how to listen to users and act as a mediator. It must be systematic and analytical; it must be to judge the user’s level of computer knowledge, it must also be able to perceive the way to question the user and thus know how technical his vocabulary will be.

The support technician must have mastery of the physical and remote tools to do his job.

The support technician must meet specific characteristics:

  •         Be specialized in support
  •         Possess a high degree of ethics
  •         Have a license or permission to perform such work.
  •         Have the right equipment for the job.


The cost of the support may vary. Some companies offer limited free support when you buy your hardware or software; others charge for telephone support service. Some are free through forums, chat rooms, email, and some offer support contracts. The global base prices are difference Software or Hardware from $40 to $60 per hour of work. Software or Hardware networks of $50 to $100 per hour. For more information  you can click here emerald city Everett

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