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Thank You Minion: Learn Joyous Minion Language In just 5 minutes:

thank you minion
thank you minion

Say Thank You Minion in Minion language. Everybody knows about minions, the loveable little cartoons, and the most famous across the kid’s community. But did you know some of the words minions use in the conversation are translatable and understandable?

There are many languages spoken all across the globe, but the entertaining thing is that some of them are just made up languages. These are called Conlangs and constructed by some of the expert linguists. Thank You Minion, we have another incredible entertaining and funny language known as MIinionese famous in minion fandom.

Minions / Banana Language:

Some People used to call the minion language a banana language, considered to be gibberish or non-sense. It consists of some silly phrases only. We can say it is a hybrid of various languages when some phrases are translated, we come to know these phrases or words are taken from other languages like Italian or Greek languages. 

Like if you want to say thank you minion, not just translating the words in nonsense words but it was taken from other languages which are explored 

How Minion Language is Understandable? 

Minion language is just constructed and non-sense languages consist of silly words but the fact is it enables them to communicate and is also understandable in the fandom of minions. People used to call thank you minion, in the minion language to entertain others or to look goofy.

It is a great way to have entertainment in your friend’s community. The director also said that even if it is a silly language but the fact is that it is how they are communicating. The despicable 1, 2, and 3 including many songs created over these silly phrases.

One of the reasons the minion language is understandable is more of the sound than the non-verbal gesture. The vocal expression explains the cause of the conversation. The co-producer of the despicable series also said that it is more of the sound than the meaning of verbal words.

Let’s have a look at some of the phrases used in these so-called banana languages and see how to say thank you minion using these silly phrases. 

Thank You Minion Dictionary – Translate Minionese to English:

thank you minion , image showing 3 pics of minion talking in minionese language

This dictionary is the filtered words from the minion series, so if you intend to learn this incredibly funny language or learn just to show-off have a look at the above table. This is how you exactly act like a minion. Or you can use these words to build up your quotes or phrases, these are incredibly useful.

Let’s become a Minion but in the human body :

Banana / Minionese Language English Translation
Tank yu!Thank you!
Me want banana I am hungry
UnderwearI swear
Tulaliloo ti amoWe love you
Tatata bala tuI hate you
Po kaWhat
GelatoIce cream
Muak Muak MuakKiss Kiss
Bi doI’m sorry
Sa la ka!How dare you!
Papagenahot person
Pora KinoI’ll miss you!
Mazel TovCongratulations
Oki kalo mataI’m Superman
Que pasoWhat happened?
Mera chotaMy little
Stupa! Stupa!Stop! Stop!

Say thank you minion, in minionese:

Make phrases with these terms and have fun, Enjoy! You can make various funny lines by using these phrases and act like minions.

Like you can say, thank you minion, in minion language as “Thank you! Minion”  and also a phrase “Terima Kasih” used for saying thank you very much in the sense of a humour.

Ultimately, thank you minion, these phrases are famous among kids, youngsters, and even elders who are in the fandom of minions. Little stuffy cartoons are very much famous and learning these phrases will enable you to show off in your friend list and also a source of entertainment.

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