Planning to Buy a New Garbage Disposal? Here’s What You Need to know

Needless to say, it’s a tough feat to get rid of the garbage on a daily basis. Keeping it at home for extended periods also comes with its own share of risks. It can attract pests and there will be a foul odor in your home. So, there’s no other way than to get rid of the garbage regularly and dispose of it properly.

For this, there are two options at your disposal – hiring garbage removal Fairfield services or owning a garbage disposal unit. If you are planning to opt for the latter option, here’s all you need to know for its smooth running:

Understand The Basics

To begin with, you need to understand the basics of your garbage disposal. See that you know about its features properly before using it for the first time. You can refer to the manual that comes with it for better understanding. If there’s a confusion, you can refer to the manufacturing company.

Apart from understanding its features and functions, you must also know that over and underutilization of a garbage disposal can harm the unit. If you aren’t using it regularly, it can not only cause rust but seize up as well. Resultantly, mechanical problems can arise. And you’ll have to get it repaired. So, make a point to run it for a minute once in 15 days. Even if you don’t require to grind the garbage, following this practice can prolong its life span.

Overuse of the garbage disposal, on the other hand, has its own issues. Particularly during the holidays, people tend to overuse their unit. This can lead to a clog, which can impact the machine adversely. So, the idea is to use it tactfully and wisely. Maintain a fine balance between over and underutilization. In the case you believe it is overused, try using the trash can. You can also opt for the compost pile method instead.

Another important thing you need to know here is that chemical drain cleaners should never be used for cleaning the garbage disposal.

What are the Safe Items to Put in the Disposal Unit?

There’s an entire list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to things to put in a disposal unit. Talking about the do’s section, you can put away small pieces of biodegradable waste of food products that can be chopped easily. Make sure to cut larger pieces into smaller ones before putting them in the disposal.

You can also put fine bones into the disposal. They can even help to scour the walls of the disposal and keep it clean. Another way to keep it clean is to put some ice cubes in it along with lemon or orange peel. This will not only clean it but eliminate any foul odor as well.

What are the Unsafe Items that Shouldn’t Go in the Disposal Unit?

Avoid putting starchy foods into the disposal unit. Items such as bananas and potatoes can turn into a sticky paste-like and impact the blades. Similarly, fibrous foods like kale stems, celery and asparagus can have the same impact.

Other than that, pasta, rice and other absorbent foods may expand in the drain pipe. The result can be a clogged unit. Greasy products are also not recommended to be thrown into the disposal unit. They can coat the pipes, which can result in a foul odor. Also, the water flow can get restricted. Lastly, large bones and seeds can bend the blades, or worse, break them.

Ways to Clear a Jam in Garbage Disposal

It’s not uncommon for a garbage disposal to be jammed. Even if you are very careful while using it, chances for a jam are still there. In such a condition, you can use a small wrench that every disposal unit comes with. It is usually attached to the outer side of the unit and can help you to turn the blades manually.

To clear the jam manually, you need to turn off the power of the unit. Then, follow the above-mentioned process. Try turning blades in both directions. It will help to clear the jam. Once the jam is cleared, power on the disposal. In the case it doesn’t work, chances are that the overload protector of the disposal has been tripped. In this case, you wouldn’t hear the sound of the motor when the disposal unit is turned on. Most disposal units come with a reset button that you can use to resolve this issue.

Those who do not want to deal with the troubles a garbage disposal unit brings with it can opt for garbage removal services by 3 Kings Hauling and more at affordable rates. 

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