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The Best Quick Play Online Games

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Sometimes you only have five minutes to fill, but you really want to fill them. Whether you’re in the doctor’s waiting room and need to take your mind online games off it, or someone is listening to their music way too loud on the morning commute and you need to block them out, there are plenty of reasons for needing a distraction. Games are the ideal distraction as they’re totally engrossing and can help you to escape from the world around you. These are the best games that you can play online, either in your browser or on a mobile app. All of them are easy to play, even if you have as little as five minutes, but equally, they’re fun for longer sessions too.

Line Rider

Kicking off with an old classic, line rider hit our screens in the early noughties. This game’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. You’re given a simple set of drawing tools and a blank screen. If you’ve never played before then open it up now and draw yourself a 45-degree angle from the center of the screen pointing down and right. Next, press the play button and watch a little black and white man with a red scarf slide down your line in his toboggan. 

This is exactly how Line Rider works. Your tracks can be super creative with loop the loops, huge jumps, and super-fast slides, or you can just draw a really big hill and watch the little guy sled into oblivion. The choice is yours!

Big Bucks Bandits

When it comes to playing slots online there are plenty of different games to choose from, but Big Bucks Bandits is without a doubt the best game for fans of the Wild West. This game is available to play at Chumba Casio and boasts great graphics that feature longhorn cattle, cowboy hats, and cacti. As well as this, there is a bank heist bonus feature that should be exciting for any slots fan but is particularly in keeping with the style of the game. 

Slots are a handy choice when it comes to quick play gaming as the mechanics of the game are really simple to pick up. Plus, if you’re not a fan of Big Bucks Bandits, then there are literally thousands of other titles to choose from. 


Pokémon Go sparked a huge revival in the world of Pokémon when it was released for mobile, but if you aren’t moving, then it’s very difficult to make any progress. For those who are heading out for a walk to the local shop and want to amuse themselves en route, Pokémon Go is a great choice, and even for those who are remaining stationary, there are hacks to help with that. 

However, if you miss the graphics of the original Gameboy Pokémon games then you might want to try EvoCreo. This game is totally separate from the Pokémon world but features some cute, scary animals that you can catch and battle. The lite version is free to try out as a mobile app and if you decide that you like it then you can pay just under $2 to get yourself the full version of the game.


Caption: Remember these guys? If you do, then you’ll have definitely played Snake before

If you grew up in the 90s then you’ll remember the Nokia version of Snake, which everyone was crazy about. Well, thirty years later it seems that we still love it, so much so in fact that you can play it on Google Maps. This version of the game allows you to navigate your snake around various cities from around the world. It’s a little more graphically interesting than the original Snake but retains all the same rules and all the same charm as the original.

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