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The Highest Rated Movies On IMDB In 2022 You Need To Watch Right Now

Highest Rated Movies

Are you finding the latest movies to watch?

Do you want to know which one is worth a watch?

The list of highest-rated IMDb movies is a great way to start watching the latest movies, which are indeed worth a watch. 

2022 is actually a great year for movie lovers. You will never be out of options regarding any type of movie. Here, we will tell you about the highest-rated movies of 2022. You can download all of them from thenewpiratebay and start watching. 

The Highest Rated Movies On IMDB In 2022 You Need To Watch Right Now

Here is the list of the highest-rated movies on IMDb.

Movie 1: The Legend Of Vox Machina

Rating: 8.7

This movie is all about a band of misfits who are desperate to pay off a mounting bar tab upon a quest for saving the realm of Exandria from magical, dark forces. This animated, action-adventure is perfect for a family movie night. 

Liam O’Brien, Ashley Johnson, Taliesin Jaffe, and Laura Bailey are some of the names of the cast. Around 7,941 people have voted this as the top-rated movie on IMDb. 

Movie 2: Reacher 

Rating: 8.5

This action crime drama of 2022 stars Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Hugh Thompson, and Willa Fitzgerald is a must-watch for all those souls who are in love with crime thrillers. This film is based on the famous book written by Lee Child. 

This movie is a highly rated film with a vote of around 37,415. If you are searching for a movie, which will make you go into an adrenaline rush, this is the one. 

Movie 3: Peacemaker

Rating: 8.5

Do you want to pick up The Suicide Squad where it had left off? After recovering from his Bloodsport, the Peacemaker returns home only to discover that his freedom actually comes at a price. 

Danielle Brooks, John Cena, Chukwudi Iwuji, Freddie Stroma are some of the stars you will get to see in this movie. 37,410 have voted for this movie and made it one of the top-rated movies. 

Movie 4: The Gilded Age

Rating: 8.1

Morgan Spector, Denée Benton, Carrie Coon, and Louisa Jacobson started “The Glide Age” is a must-watch for all those who are in love with historical period drama. This film portrays how a wide-eyed young offspring of a really conservative went out on a mission. 

The mission was to infiltrate the neighboring clan, which is wealthy and also dominated by a ruthless railroad tycoon. Around 6,385 viewers have voted for this movie on IMDb. 

Movie 5: The Responder

Rating: 7.7

This crime thriller drama is star-studded with Adebayo Adedayo, MyAnna BuringRomi Hyland-Rylands, and Martin Freeman. 

This film is about a crisis, which is stricken when a morally came to terms first responder tackles a long series of night shifts. It was on the beat of Liverpool. It was done while he was trying hard for keeping his head above water, both professionally and personally. 

Movie 6: Jackass Forever

Rating: 7.7

Rachel Wolfson, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville starring Jackass Forever is a comedy documentary of 96 minutes. We do not think you need any introduction to this movie, which has returned after 11 years. 

This is the final season of Jackass Forever. That is why it has been rated by around 7,051 viewers. If you are looking for a movie to watch this weekend. It is the perfect one. 

Movie 7: All Of US Are Dead

Rating: 7.6

Another action, drama, fantasy movie is on the list, starring Park Solomon, Yi-Hyun Cho, Chan-Young Yoon, and Ji-hu Park. Around 23,669 people have voted for this movie. 

This movie starts when a high school becomes ground zero after a zombie virus outbreak. All the trapped students have to fight their way out, or they will turn into one of the rabid infected. This is a must-watch for those who are into fantasy. 

Some More Names

Apart from the top 7 movies, here are some other names, which you also like, and also one of the top-rated movies on IMDB. 

  • Pam & Tommy.
  • Archive 81.
  • The Afterparty.
  • Scream.Murderville. 
  • Death On The Nile.
  • The Tinder Swindler.
  • Suspicion. 

Enjoy Your Movie Night

If you are planning a movie night very soon, you can pick anyone from the list as per your genre preferences. At the same time, we also like to tell you that if you want a review on any of the movies, do let us know. We will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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