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The Importance of Essay Writing in College


Every student will write tens of essays each year. It feels like a lot of work because it will limit your social life, take away your sleep, and even prevent you from pursuing lucrative entrepreneurship ideas or work opportunities. You can order your paper from the top-rated essay writing services and avoid the stress of squeezing your time as you rush to meet deadlines.  

While essay writing is tiresome, it offers incredible benefits to your academic pursuit, personal life, and career prospects. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain from working on your homework.

Assess your understanding of the concepts covered in essay writing class

Homework questions are usually based on topics already covered or those that you will cover soon. A student is required to review the discussion and expound on the concepts covered through the essay. If a student is having a problem with, he will revisit the topic covered. 

Assessing the understanding of the topic covered prevents the student from waiting until exam time or the last minute to discover that he did not understand. As a student, you can look for help before exam time. You will also be better prepared to tackle advanced concepts on the same topic. 

A moment to continue the learning process beyond the class

Learning should not just take place in class and from the teacher. As you draft an essay, you are required to search for new information from books, articles, and journals. Such research allows you to get more information than you would have obtained from the lecture delivered by your teacher. 

Beyond encountering new materials, writing means that you are thinking about academic work beyond class. Since you continue studying the same topic or a related subject for your essay, you will not forget what you learned in class. It makes it easier for you to understand the topics that follow. Once you resume class during the next lesson, you will not be starting from zero. In this way, essay writing helps you to build momentum. 

Get parents and guardians involved in the academic life of a student

Essay writing is a chance to look for help beyond your tutor. You may turn to your friends, classmates, parents, guardians, siblings, and other people around your circle for help. It gives you a feeling that assignments like essays are not just for academic purposes. You involve other people around your life in improving your academic pursuit. 

The involvement and participation of other people teach you to communicate with partners as well as associates in life. In search of help, you interact with librarians, parents, and seniors, among others. Such skills help you with networking in the future. 

Teach you to work independently

Students depend on lecturers in class. It is the lecturer who researches and directs the content presented in class. The student remains a consumer of this content. 

Writing an essay turns the tables on the student. You are only given a topic and left to search for reference materials and content. It amounts to being thrust into the deep end for you to find your way out. As you search for content and reference materials, you gain confidence in your ability to research and produce a credible paper. You will need confidence and independence later when sitting for your exams or performing other scholarly works. 

You will be preparing for tests and exams

Writing an essay requires the same skills you will need during a test or exam. You must understand the topic, review existing materials on the subject during revision, and organize your ideas logically to capture the imagination of your reader. Essay writing also brings you into contact with reference materials you will need to enrich your ideas during exams. 

The tension of writing an essay is similar to that of waiting for an exam. At the same time, you learn to manage time, a crucial skill you will need in the future when sitting for an exam. 

Examines your creativity 

Essays demand a creative synthesis and analysis of the subject captured in the topic. The essay requires you to provide an original and unique perspective to the discussion. The most creative approach to the topic gets the best grades. Essay writing becomes a test of the ability of a student to think creatively around an idea. Learn more about how essay writing will make you a more creative student.

Help the teacher to understand your weaknesses and strengths 

Teachers use essays to assess how well students understood a topic or unit. Performance during essays will also help the teacher to assess his ability to deliver. Through the assessment, the teacher can improve on his content delivery and student handling. It will result in better education outcomes. 

Essay writing helps the student, teacher, and other stakeholders in the learning process. To the student, it is a chance to practice what you have learned in class. For the teacher, you can assess the student as well as find better ways to deliver content and obtain better results.

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