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Things to Consider about Water Wave Hair 

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What is a Water wave hair wig:

The Wig is a hair accessory made either from synthetic fibre or human hair, covering the entire scalp area. A water wave hair wig is a fantastic accessory that can enhance the beauty of a person and is very soft and comfortable. This Wig can easily be worn. 

Composition Material:

The water wave hair wig is made of natural human hair and is 100% cuticle aligned virgin. It is very silky and soft. The water wave hair can be straightened and dyed. The type of hair used in the water wave hair wig is wavy and soft.

Lace Size:

It is made of 13×4 inch Swiss Lace. It has a glueless lace front wig. It can easily fit the Wig to the natural hair and give them a natural look.


It consists of an adjustable strap with a 21.5 to 22.5-inch medium size cap. The lace colour of the water wave hair wig is medium brown.

Bleached and Dyed:

This type of Wig can be bleached and dyed. You can make different styles on different occasions. It can be straightened and waved according to your well.

Life Time:

When used with reasonable care, it may be used for about six months. To increase its lifetime, try to dry it naturally and wash it with a conditioner. Good care and maintenance can increase its lifetime.

Washing Method  

Wash this type of wig gently. Add a little conditioner to the water and gently rub the Wig while washing it. Dry the water wave hair wig naturally. Do not dry it with hair dry. Do not expose it to high temperatures.

Suitable for different events:

Water wave hair wig is appropriate for all kinds of functions and occasions. You can style differently in different circumstances. This type of Wig can increase the beauty of your hair. The wig looks like natural hair, and it gives smooth touch.

Easily hairstyling:

We can make different styles on the wig according to the event. It gives a smooth and natural look and looks like original hair.


The water wave hair wig can be used many times and is durable. The hair texture of the wig is very silky and smooth. It can be a curly, deep wave, natural wave, loose deep, etc.

Hair Color:

The hair colour of the wig is natural black colour. The hair length used in the water wave hair wig is 16 to 30 inches.


It can be used for a longer time when cared for properly.

The Wig consists of natural hair, so it looks very soft and natural

We can make different styles of it.

It has no chemical used in it and has no smell.


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