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Tips for Designing Effective Writing Assignments


Writing about a topic or subject establishes the ability of students comprehension about the topic or a given subject. Students need to do a lot of writing not only to gain the ability to transfer their thoughts on paper but also to score some real grades for their academic success. To achieve the purpose, students must be given meaningful writing tasks, with clear instructions that enable the student to participate actively in their learning.

How to make an assignment effective?

Many educational researchers have agreed that writing assignments contribute to students’ learning and have numerous benefits to offer. An effective assignment must have the following features:

Meaningful tasks

Meaningful tasks refer to their pertinence and connection with the aim and objectives of the course. It must be aligned with the learning aims set for the students to achieve at the end of each course or semester. The meaningful writing tasks are designed for all disciplines that engage the students in their learning with the help of their teachers, peers, and available resources. 

If students are having trouble with their assignments, there are writing services online to guide them through their writing assignments, you just have to pay for the paper and get all the help you need.

Maximized learning time

Effectiveness of the assignment is determined by the time you invest in your learning and not by the size of it. The assignments which are learning and research-based with detailed activities designed especially for the task such as class presentations, poster sessions, etc can boost the learning. 

Term assignments or projects that are graded have much more effective results because students take it very seriously and invest their time in research, drafting. These projects entail a lot of reviewing and editing to attain the final draft.

Logical sequencing

An effective assignment includes several stages of research, drafting, reviewing, proofreading, editing, it is not about achieving the final product. It takes a logical sequencing of the various segments.

 For example, an assignment involves different segments, and in each discrete segment students first have to generate and create a thesis statement, then to support the thesis statement they have to build up the arguments with supporting statements and evidence. After producing the first draft of the essay, then have to get reviews and feedback on the draft, again submit a revised version.

Clear criteria 

If students have the clear guidelines and criteria given, it will help them to have a clarity and a firm understanding of completing their assignments effectively, and come up with a relevant outcome for their assigned topic as expected of them. 

The grading scheme, if given to the students before along with the assignment, encourages the student to get their assignments done with enthusiasm and hard work in order to score good grades. So it can be used as a teaching tool also.

Make it a Forward-thinking assignment

Forward-thinking refers to the activities that enables the student to integrate their learning creatively and discourages repeating. It involves Innovation and judgment of the acquired knowledge to be used skillfully in the assignment. It also requires students to explore and inquire about their specific subject.

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