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Motivation at work can be low and even when it’s there, some people aren’t motivated by who they work for.

This can make things tricky. If you’re leading a team, you undoubtedly want to get the best out of them. However, it’s hard to measure motivation, and how can you ensure business you’re getting their best work?

If you want the team you’re managing to work efficiently, here are all the things you can do to help them feel motivated and produce the best result.

Communicate Expectations

When working together with a team and wondering how to improve your organization’s business processes, you should always provide your expectations as clearly as possible.

Leave no room for doubt. Make sure everyone understands the end goal and their role, and ensure everyone is on board.

You can do this by asking for questions and making sure everyone knows how to reach you if they have any.

Often, people feel lost and aren’t sure what’s expected of them. This becomes a problem because they then can’t do their best work.

Provide Feedback

You should provide clear feedback for the people you’re working with, as this will help their productivity.

Be enthusiastic if the feedback is positive. Often, someone who is doing a great job never gets told because their manager is too busy trying to improve the people who aren’t quite catching up.

Make sure you motivate them and tell them they’re doing a great job. Point out exactly what is working, and show genuine gratitude.

If someone is doing something that isn’t working, it’s important to give them feedback too. Criticism should never be harsh, but gentle and actionable. If possible, give them a critique with some compliments sprinkled in.

Establish Guidelines

If there’s anything you don’t want your team to do — or anything you definitely do — provide guidelines about the process. If you communicate the end goal but don’t tell them how you expect to get there or keep everyone on the same page, it could result in some conflict.

Make sure everyone is clear on what’s okay in the team and what’s not. This is important even when it comes to general etiquette and making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Encourage Outings

You can always encourage team bonding activities that don’t take place in the office or during work hours. Some examples of this might include going out for lunch or dinner together, or even activities such as an escape room.

The latter can be especially useful as your team will find out how to show unity in different situations, and may then work better together in the workplace itself.

Although it’s important to keep a line between a business relationship and a casual one — and therefore, act appropriately — engaging in situations outside of the workplace can be tremendously useful for all communications.

Find a Good Environment

One of the challenges of working together with a team can be the environment.

Sometimes, you may be assigned an office and not have much of a choice. You should, however, do everything you can to make sure the space is a good one for your team.

Having water, coffee, and other necessities on hand can help people feel motivated. If your team is remote, you can rent office space to meet up at every now and again to connect in person.

At the very least, if working remotely, you should check in via Zoom meetings.

Whether you’re working remotely or not, take the time to listen to people’s feedback about the work arrangement too. The environment can make all the difference.


Incentivize your employees as much as possible. It can be easy to get caught up in the idea of getting a task done and forgetting to remember your team’s wellbeing along the way.

If you can, offer not just positive feedback, but tangible rewards for meeting deadlines. Let people get off work early if a deadline has been met Business, or take a day off, rather than sitting in the office just to be there.

Buy dinner for a team that has done a great job. Even things that may seem little to you can show your team you genuinely appreciate them and help them work together to reach the end goal.

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Be Transparent

Above all else, transparency with your team is essential. If things aren’t going well or there are external factors at play, you should be as honest as your business possibly can be.

This involves balancing the truth with tact sometimes, and it can be difficult — but when leading a team, it’s an essential skill.

You should also keep everyone on the team on the same page. If some team members are let in on a situation and not others, it can cause animosity between them when they find out later. It can also cause animosity towards you, which you don’t want either.

As hard as it can be to fight human nature, try not to play favorites and treat everyone with equal respect and honesty in business. It might take some effort but will go a long way.

sThis Will Help Your Team Work Efficiently

Sometimes, it can be hard for a team to work efficiently together. Natural human factors can come into play, such as favoritism and burnout.

If you can remain transparent with your team, incentivize them, and keep everyone on the same page, you’ll notice that they work far better together than if you slack of. Make sure you’re considering business their needs as well as the end goal of the project, and one will influence the other.

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