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Top 4 Things You Should Know about Polyester Fabric Banners

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Fabric banners are one of the greatest advertising options for businesses. As they are affordable, most businesses choose to go with polyester fabric banners. Due to its durability, the popularity of polyester fabric banners is also increasing in the United States. Even though they are available in tons of different sizes, colors, shapes, and weights, you can easily customize them as per your specific needs. 

Apart from that, polyester fabric banners are a great place to showcase your creativity. You can advertise your business in unique ways through polyester fabric banners. However, the best thing about polyester fabric banners is that they are crafted from cloths. Hence, they are bio-degradable. Plus, it provides the polyester fabric banners an attractive and unique look. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things that you should remember about polyester fabric banners. 

They are Versatile

Polyester fabric banners are undoubtedly one of the most versatile banners available in the marketing world. Blank fabric banners come in different sizes, colors, weights, and shape that can be turned into creative advertisement tools. Since they are crafted from high-quality cloth, they are a very environment-friendly option put there in the market. 

The primary reason behind the versatility of the polyester fabric banner is that they can be used anywhere. From outdoor trade shows to indoor events, you can display them anywhere you want. The folding feature of these banners will help you to carry them to other events such as business conferences, trade shows, market fairs, etc. Additionally, you can also showcase them in prime locations. 

The Printing Process

The printing process of polyester fabric banners is extraordinary. Various inks and colors are printed on the polyester fabric banners with the help of dye sublimation printing. During this process, designers use heat to bind the ink and polyester fabric together. The effects of the dye sublimation process are quite permanent since the heat opens the pores of the fabric so that the ink can sink and solidity there. 

This result is a high-quality, bright, and permanent image that won’t crack, peel or fade away from the fabric. However, make sure that you’re using high-quality inks. Otherwise, the color might fade away over the years. The dye sublimation process will cover the entire polyester fabric banner. 

They are Flawless

Polyester fabric banners are incredible advertising methods as they can be folded into a transportable and compact size. Additionally, the design of the banners prevents them from experiencing wrinkles and creases. Even if your polyester fabric banners do get some creases on them due to extreme pressure, you can recover it simply by ironing the polyester fabric banner. 

Elasticity and Color

If you think that you need some elasticity on your fabric banners, make sure you choose polyester fabric banners. They are stretchy and highly elastic. This way you can create an attractive banner. As per Intechopen, elasticity allows a deformable body to return to its original shape when the force is removed.  

Speaking of color, if you focus on getting a double-sided fabric banner, the best way to retain the effectiveness and color is by purchasing a black fabric banner. Black will prevent your fabric banners from getting shadowed. 


These are the top 4 things you should know about polyester fabric banners. Do you have any questions? Contact us today. 

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