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Top 5 Spectacular Modern Bathroom Ideas in Australia

Modern Bathroom

Have you decided on revamping your bathroom this spring? Indeed, the new year calls for new beginnings, but not every Aussie would consider redecorating their bathroom.

Gone are the days of traditional lavatories. Instead, Australia has shifted towards modern-looking, minimalistic and earthy designs.

Maybe you have already selected the bathroom amenities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse (B.F.W). Now, you are looking for some inspiration for bathroom theme ideas.

Not only does it help with personal hygiene, but it also increases property value. Here are the best ideas that you can implement for your bathroom.

#1. Add Dark Statement Walls

A bathroom with dark accents and features will add mystery to your home. You can use black tiles to create intimate designs on your bathroom wall and make it look unique. Or, maybe you can paint one wall and contrast it with a deeper shade of any colour.

Tip: Throw in some white orchids and see how it cheers up the bathroom.

#2. Use Rain Showers

Why not add a tropical essence to your bathroom? Australian bathrooms are slowly evolving to feature unique rain-like showers. These showers have a lighter water pressor that mirrors the soothing effect of a light downpour. Not only does it make your bathroom look aesthetic, but it also ensures a calming effect when you take a shower.

#3. Minimalistic, Yet Creative Storage Units

Does your bathroom have a shelf full of clutter featuring your favourite shampoo, shaving cream, and make-up? Maybe now is the time to declutter your bathroom and install a storage unit that is accessible and easy to use.

Nobody likes a messy vanity – It erases the true beauty of your countertops.

If you want to revamp your bathroom, you should manage this clutter and creatively hide everything in the storage unit.

#4. Flowing Basins, Recessed Walls, and Skylights

It is incredible how three unrelated things can accentuate a bathroom. A skylight can give dark bathrooms a magical effect, whereas odd-shaped sinks offer a futuristic vibe.

Throw in some recessed walls, and you can put candles, plants, and toiletries on them. Together, the flowing basins can look eloquent, and the skylight can provide light to the flowers on your recessed walls.

Indeed, these ideas have gained popularity in the last few years, and it is time for you to embrace them while revamping.

#5. Do Not Polish the Wood

Aussies love a rugged look. So, why not implement it in bathrooms? Enter – Rough unpolish wood.

When you integrate unpolished wood in your bathroom, it will skyrocket the rustic vibe and keep the latent contemporary essence alive. You can use this wood as towel holders, basins, and maybe shower seats.

Together, these will offer a rustic and refreshing effect on your aesthetic design.

The Bottom Line

Boring lavatories are a thing of the past. You can boost your property value by redecorating the bathroom with a unique modern touch. The Australian market has many spectacular designs that will awe strike anyone.

Once you select the design and theme, you can choose luxury bathroom supplies from Bathroom Factory Warehouse (B.F.W).

When you choose a design, you can use skylights and recessed walls to accentuate the beauty. The most striking feature in your bathroom would be the washbasins and bathtubs.

So, if you incorporate a space-themed option like flowing basins, you can skyrocket the aesthetics. Are you ready to create a bathroom that will remain unparalleled in your neighbourhood?


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