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Top 6 Test Automation Strategies and Best Practices


Test automation is a must for every organization that wants to deliver high-quality software and ensure its success. The demand for highly skilled and experienced professional testers who can develop test automation frameworks has been growing in recent years. In this article, we’ll explore the top 6 Test Automation strategies and best practices.

1. An automated tool is beneficial, it is not the panacea for all problems

Test automation tools are a great way for startups to save their precious time and energy. They enable you to do repetitive tasks faster, which will save your company time and money. However, automation tools have their limitations.

At one point or another, your business will need a human touch to reach a certain goal, and this is where the problem arises. Automation tools can’t think creatively, so you will have to start from scratch if you want something creative done.

2. Understand the application being tested:

 The next test automation strategy is understanding the software application. Before you start automating, research the technologies used in your product and the technologies available to automate your tests. The tool selection heavily depends on how your application works.

3. Manual testing always comes first: It is always good to write the test case in manual form first. Determine all qualifications as well as test data. Steps should be written clearly, with desired outcomes written in front of each stage. One test case’s goal should be obvious, and it should be less reliant on the other test cases. Automation engineers should perform this test case manually at least once to determine which items must be identified and how the navigation will proceed. Ask manual testers questions. This will help overcome the bugs before the script is even tested.

4. Hire a Dedicated Automation Engineer or a Team of Automation Engineers

This is a primary step to take. Do not ask your human testers to automate their tests. If you want them to undertake test automation, take away their manual testing responsibilities. Automating tests is a full-time job, and you’ll need specialized resources for this. Building a test automation team with at least one automation architect is what we suggest. Multiple automation engineers can be hired to work under the direction of the test automation architect. The number of automation experts you need is determined by the number and size of your products.

5. Use test techniques and focus on getting quick feedback: 

A prevalent misperception is that manual testers can only use test procedures. However, in actuality, they can be used for test automation as well. API testing, for example, is typically done manually to assess performance and functionality. However, we can automate API calls by writing a script that uses a global variable. Furthermore, developers must ensure that any modifications to the code do not break existing functionality. As a result, it’s critical to focus on timely feedback to correct errors as soon as they arise.

6. Start Early Testing:

 Start testing as early as possible and run as many tests as needed. That will help to improve the site before it goes live. It will also save time, money, and resources by identifying problems before they go live. You should start building a test suite early while developing a project. This will reduce the cost of fixing bugs and help you better understand your code. Also, writing and maintaining unit tests is inexpensive, so it’s worth the investment. Unit tests inspect an app at a low level and constitute the bulk of automated testing.

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