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Top 7 Pet Entertainment AppsTop 7 Pet Entertainment Apps

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Patience, love, care, and attention are the things you cannot do without if you own a pet. Some parents are concerned that delicious toprateddogfoods apps can make their furry friends happy. However, apart from a peaceful and comfortable sleep and a tasty meal, they require entertainment. 

This is one of the most significant problems for dog or cat parents, who are too busy working or accomplishing other tasks so that they cannot spend enough time playing and walking with their furry children. Is there a way out? How can one keep the dog or cat busy while away? 

With the development of technology, pet owners have obtained an excellent solution to the issue. Mobile applications cannot surely replace quality snuggle and playtime, but they can still keep your animals entertained while you are at work. Is this exactly what you have been looking for? Check out the list of the seven most beneficial apps every dog or cat owner should have. 


Unfortunately, a considerable number of pet owners cannot head on the common vacations or afternoon walks with their dogs or cats. At this point, DogVacay is a beneficial solution that will help you keep your furry child entertained. Open the app and search for the most reputable and appreciated pet sitter in your neighborhood. A stranger will not replace a favorite owner but will supervise the pet and will care for its needs. With the advanced features of the application, you can set the activities for your pet, which means it may be taken to the vet, dog park, or a trivial walk around the block. Besides, it is up to the owner to select the food that will be served and specify some other preferences that should be met.


This is one of the most popular applications among dog owners. It has been available on the market for a certain period of time, so it has gained unlimited appreciation among users. Puppr is constantly updated and enriched with new features. 

So, what is Puppr? It is an effective app that will help you train your canine. No matter if you strive to master obedience or teach it new tricks, it is exactly what you need. There are more than 70 lessons that come with photos and videos so that the pet owner can easily teach them. 


Do you need to leave for a few hours? Or you have to be away for a week? PetCube is an application you cannot go without. A physical camera and a treat dispenser are needed for its efficiency. Thus, the pet owner has a unique chance to monitor the furry child from anywhere, giving treats at the most appropriate times. Additionally, you can talk to your dog through the microphone, but it is not always a good idea. PetCube is an undeniably helpful and advantageous app that will help your pet handle the separation time easier. 


Do you want to train your dog to behave in the most different situations? Unfortunately, the vast majority of pet owners lack knowledge and practice for the accomplishment of this task. GoodPup is the app you need to download then, as it will provide you with access to the one-on-one lessons conducted by certified and highly professional trainers. You will surely make no mistake, as you will exercise with your dog in real life, following the guidelines and recommendations of the qualified assistant. 

Additionally, you will have an opportunity to talk to the trainer in between the training sessions, asking questions and discussing interesting issues. 


It is time to have fun with your dog. TikTok is not a specialized app for pet entertainment, but it is surely the one that deals with this task the best possible way. Make short video clips and share them with the world so that everyone knows about the excellent bond you have with your pet. The app is easy to use, so it will not take you much time to discover its features and start showing your unique fluffy child to the world. 

Cat Alone

As the name implies, it is an application that does not require human supervision. Cat Alone is actually the game, the main task of which is to chase objects and catch them. It is the most effective if played on the tablet, as your kitten will stay busy much longer. Leave the pet alone without any concerns or risks, as there are six different stages of the game so that the cat will not bother you for long.

Game for Dogs

This is another entertainment app that will keep your canine excited. You can play this game together with the pet or leave it alone to enjoy it. The task of the furry friend is to chase the squeaky toy, spending quality time with or without the owner.   

Are you excited about an opportunity to keep the pet busy without your participation? Stop reading a Royal Canin kitten review and start searching for any of these apps in the Play Market or AppStore. Investigate the features and specifications of various options and select the ones you appreciate the most. 

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