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Top 5 Caffeine Tracking Apps

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Coffee lovers are all different. Some of them prefer only Costa-Rican beans. Others love exclusively Brazilian ones or argue about the advantages of espresso vs turkish coffee. However, there is one thing they all do. Everyone who drinks good, natural coffee consumes caffeine. And it is better to monitor its level.

Why Track Caffeine

Although many scientific research studies conducted can confirm that caffeine is rather good for human bodies than bad, coffee lovers who intake more than three cups per day forget about an important word – moderate. Yes, caffeine can do good things like stimulating your brain activity, normalizing blood pressure, and helping you wake up and stay lively due to its effects. However, it is critical to consume it moderately and reasonably.

If you are one of those coffee lovers, you’ll most probably like bestespressobeans.org, and you’ll also be happy to find a mobile app able to assist you with monitoring that caffeine consumption. Let’s check them out.

5 Best Smartphone Applications to Control Caffeine Doses

The choice of caffeine tracking apps available for download is big enough for every consumer to find what they like the most. Here below, you’ll see five worthy software applications for your smartphone designed to help you monitor your caffeine consumption. Important note: the list you are about to check is not a rating. Every app mentioned there is capable of maintaining its functions. Just check them all and choose what you like the most.

Caffeine Tracker

The first application on the list will not be the simplest one. Although Caffeine Tracker can help you track the daily caffeine consumption level on the go, its possibilities and accuracy are pretty advanced when comparing them to competitors. Here, you enter the type of coffee you drink, the approximate amount in milligrams or ounces, and the app calculates your caffeine dose in milligrams.  

Caffeine Tracker shows you infographics and diagrams on the go, and they are easy to understand. One can check the already consumed caffeine, the level of metabolized substance present in their blood at the particular moment, and the difference between the two.

Moreover, the app allows you to add your drinks here. So, it’s not a problem if your favorite coffee is unavailable on the list. All that should be done to keep control is checking the amount of caffeine per 100 grams printed on the pack and teaching this app that new info. Caffeine Tracker is not free, but it is worth every penny you pay.

Caffeine Per Day

Here is the fact that coffee lovers may frequently ignore or forget: coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine for their bodies. Tea contains caffeine. Energy drinks contain caffeine. Coke and soda contain caffeine, too. The app named Caffeine Per Day can count it all, and that’s its main advantage.

To use Caffeine Per Day, you pick one of four beverage categories available and then give the app other data, such as the volume of your drink. It may not be that comfortable, but this application is accurate enough to keep your daily caffeine doses under real control and thorough monitoring.

Caffeine Calculator (by HIOX)

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In fact, this application is an EasyCalculation site integrated into a downloadable client software pack. Here, you can also add your favorite drinks along with their estimated caffeine dosages, so HIOX’s Caffeine Calculator is customizable enough to make it be accurate.  

On the other hand, the application contains a set of previously given drinks to make the users’ lives easier. It’s a smooth piece of software deserving your attention if you are a responsible coffee lover.


Kofe+ stands as a useful monitoring tool because it is not only able to track your caffeine consumption. Kofe+ can let you know how much caffeine is in your blood. That’s sweet, isn’t it?

The UI is simple and comfortable. To use the app, you just point that plus at the bottom right and enter numbers. Additionally, its default coffee database is quite extensive (over 700 kinds).

Here, you can set your personal daily limits and goals on caffeine consumption. Kofe+ is an ideal assistance instrument for those who need to reduce their daily caffeine doses. At this moment, the app surely stands among the very best solutions of its kind one can install on a smartphone.

Caffeine Counter

It’s another app available for free and able to track your daily and monthly caffeine consumption levels pretty accurately. This application has a well-designed and comfortable interface along with a great widget to show your daily stats. Perfect!

Additionally, those visiting Starbucks regularly will be happy to use Caffeine Counter. The app has the drinks from that network’s menu pre-installed. That means its accuracy and trustworthiness are undisputed if your main coffee supplier is Starbucks.

To Conclude

These were only five applications to track caffeine consumption daily and monthly. They may not be the best for someone, but the overwhelming majority of coffee lovers will be completely satisfied with the functions the apps offer. Never forget to monitor your health regularly, and use the instruments that suit you the most. 

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