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Everything About Swags You Need to Know

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Australia is a beautiful, scenic country and has gorgeous backdrops. You can camp out in many places, whether you want to spot nocturnal wildlife swags at Narawntapu National Park or spend a night under the glowing stars in Noosa North Shore or beach camping in North Stradbroke Island.

So, planning on going camping? Well, then you definitely ought to think about getting a camping swag. If you’re not familiar with the term, a swag is a traditional Australian canvas bedroll with a mattress inside. It’s like a small tent with a built-in bed and suitable for all kinds of seasons. A double swag is usually perfect for one or two people.

Why Use A Swag?

The most common way to camp in the Australian outback, a swag is comfortable and easy to set up (whereas a full-size tent can take longer to put up).

How Do You Use A Swag?

Most swags are made to be loaded in a car and not to be carried on your back. Though, there are smaller and lightweight swags available in the market which are easier to carry around. Here are some tips for using swags with ease:

1. Observe how your swag is packed before you unroll it so you can pack it like how it was when you first got it.

2. Make sure the poles and sleeves, sockets or pins are connected,  as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Fit the required hooks or connectors and attach the guy ropes or tie downs securely to the ground.

4. Adjust the mattress for more comfort, open up the flaps for air circulation and voila! Enjoy!

Swags Vs Tents

A high-quality swag is assuredly warmer than a tent during freezing cold weather. There are quite a few reasons why some people prefer swags over tents.

  • Superior quality materials used compared to regular tents.
  • Easier to set up and pack away.
  • No extra bedding required in cold weather.
  • Better ventilation by just zipping open the upper window.
  • Solid construction that doesn’t diminish with hard-wearing swag use.
  • A flexible solution for complicated camping situations with limited space and not much even ground.

What to Look for in a Swag

Consider the primary function of your swag. A swag meant to be used in the mountains will differ from one meant to be used in the outback. Your swag should keep unpleasant weather out when needed but should also enable you to open it up to invite inside fresh, breezy air.

Modern swags offer many options, like swags having windows, doors and other insect-screened panels. Make sure to look for swags with good, solid construction. A double swag is ideal, no matter whether you’re going solo or with a partner. It’ll be roomy if you’re using it solo, but just right if you’re using it with a partner.

Hopefully, this article has helped you pick out the perfect swag for you. In order to reiterate some of the main points, a swag is comfier and easier to set up than a regular tent, and higher quality materials are used in swags compared to tents. Remember to follow the instructions for setting up the swag as outlined by the manufacturer.

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