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Types of Communication in Healthcare


Communication refers to the transmission or exchange of information and implies the sharing of meaning among those who are communicating. Communication serves the purposes of initiating actions, making known needs and requirements exchanging information, ideas, attitudes and beliefs,  engendering understanding, and establishing and maintaining relations

There are Four Types of Healthcare Communication;

Communication services: A communication system provides a number of different communication services. For example, a mobile phone could provide voice, voicemail or text messaging.

Communication devices: These include the telephone, fax machine, and smartphones which in the past few years have been rapidly increasing in use. Nearly all physicians and nurses own smartphones and use them for professional purposes.

Interaction mode: It is the way in which an interaction is designed. Some modes of interaction such as the ringing of a phone demand, immediate attention, while an email could be designed not to interrupt.

Security Protocol: Patient privacy concerns require that unauthorized individuals do not have access to clinical records. It is crucial to have strong security protocols in place that are exceedingly hard to break.

Healthcare communication

Health communication is defined as methods and strategies used to inform individuals about health care facts and best practices, with the aim of improving patient health outcomes and enriching personal and community behaviours and public health practices. It includes the study of audience health attitudes and behaviours to determine the ideal type, frequency, and format of messaging;

the use of rhetorical principles in effective message creation; and an understanding of important health concepts and how to translate them for audiences. Individuals with an education in health communication can find employment in public relations, patient education, health administration, digital and social, healthcare policy and advocacy, community health, health and pharmaceutical marketing, and other related fields.

Medical Communication

A Medical Department of a Pharmaceutical company usually has a Medical Information division to provide a scientific, product, and therapeutic-area expertise to Health Care Professionals (HCPs), patients, and payers to support them in making informed decisions. In addition, the medical Information division offers evidence-based, scientifically balanced information to unsolicited requests.

You can regard Medical Information as of the foundation of post-approval product-usage understanding and compliance for drug products and medical devices. It provides the information and communication needs for products in a company’s portfolio and is mainly considered a time-consuming task that requires a sizable pool of scientific resources

HIE Solution

Health information exchange systems are exactly what they do. They offer real-time data sharing along with some really powerful and useful features that enhance productivity and profitability.

With Zapbuild, you get a custom-made and highly efficient HIE software solution that enables your doctors, medical practitioners, nurses and several other medical staff members to exchange and disseminate critical patient details and medical data, all the while maintaining privacy of the entire system. Health information exchange services from Zapbuild are a secure and completely reliable medium for your hospitals and clinics to exchange critical patient data.

Healthcare Technology

The pandemic undoubtedly accelerated technological advancement and adoption in healthcare. It’s now easier and faster for patients to procure medical services outside of the traditional four walls of the medical establishment, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all

Telehealth has made it possible for patients to receive care without an in-person office visit. In addition, remote patient monitoring is becoming more widely accepted. Having exponentially grown in popularity throughout the pandemic, this now includes wearable technology with impressive capabilities, from remote monitoring of vitals to remote echocardiograms. If not for the pandemic, it probably would have taken the healthcare industry another decade to reach where it is today.

Effective Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

For hospitals and healthcare institutions, ensuring the best patient care involves way more than making accurate diagnoses and administering the correct treatments. Effective and concise between healthcare professionals is an important step of the healthcare process, be it doctors discussing procedures, treatments, and all pertinent information regarding patients’ histories, a healthcare facility accurately sharing patient information with another organization, or a group of doctors putting their heads together on the best way to treat a new patient. Not to mention, patients also need a way to convey their concerns to healthcare workers, while doctors may need to convey adequate information to patients to help them take preventative measures.

Effective Communication in Healthcare

Effective communication in health care can make a life-or-death difference. Health administrators and other healthcare professionals can benefit from learning more about types of in health care, barriers to communication in health care, and evidence-based strategies for effective in health care today.

Mccann Health Medical Communications

McCann Health is the world’s most connected community of health and wellness experts united across six continents by one vision: to help our client’s brands and businesses play a meaningful role in people’s lives. This commitment focuses our 1,600 employees around the world on generating life-changing ideas that improve the health of humanity.

We offer a range of global & local practices including health consultancy, healthcare professional marketing, medical communications, consumer health and corporate communication.

Poor Communication in Healthcare

In this article, we explore some of the main effects of poor communication in healthcare and suggest strategies to adopt to improve staff and communicate information to patients.

Communication failures most commonly occur during shift changes, when the care of a patient is handed over to a different caregiver. When incomplete, inaccurate, or ambiguous information is provided at the changeover it increases the probability of medical mistakes occurring. Poor could lead to patients receiving the wrong treatment or procedure, being given incorrect medication, or could result in delays to essential tests and treatments, all of which will negatively affect patient outcomes.

Medical safety experts at CRICO Strategies investigated 23,000 medical malpractice lawsuits and found more than 7,000 of those lawsuits could be attributed to communication failures. Those communication failures resulted in $1.7 billion in malpractice costs and almost 2,000 preventable deaths. A study conducted by the Joint Commission found 80% of serious medical errors were the result of miscommunication between caregivers during patient handovers.

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