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Proven Ways Lawyers Can Advertise Online For Free


If you’re working in a law firm with a limited budget, it’s not possible to spend thousands of dollars on online marketing campaigns. The good thing is law firms can still attract new business online by taking advantage of free marketing tools. We spoke to the experts at dNovo Group regarding ways to advertise law firms for free and attract potential clients. We’ll go over practical tips to get started.

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  • On-page SEO

Your law firm’s online marketing strategy needs to involve search engine optimization. SEO for lawyers allows search engines like Google to easily find your law firm’s website and serve content to relevant users. A simple tactic like creating blog posts with high-quality content and optimizing them for search engines can be a great way to get started. For law firms with an existing blog, consider rewriting the old content making sure it meets SEO recommendations. Take time to create a content marketing strategy for your law firm to help you rank higher on relevant search results.  

  • Update Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a local listing service that allows law firms, among other businesses, to provide critical information that users can access with Google Maps or search. Updating Google My Business is free but must be done right for the business and its potential customers to benefit. For instance, information about your law firm, such as the location, working hours, description and telephone number, should be accurate and up to date. Keeping your GMB profile up to date can help you improve your local search. 

  • Local Business Directory Listings

Another way to market your law firm online is to list it in local business directories online. There are lots of local directories that have the right target audience for law firms. Directory listings are an integral part of law firm marketing because they contain all the necessary details about your business making it easy for anyone to find it. The best part is that you can list your business for free on these platforms and boost your local SEO. Just ensure that when you update any information about your business on the free listing, you do it on every platform where you’ve listed to avoid misinforming users. For example, if you have adjusted your working hours on your Avvo listing, make sure it’s similarly changed on Yellow pages. Also include images, videos, and links to your blog on the listing.

  • Get More Reviews

Now that your law firm is up and running, are your clients appreciating your services? Are you initiating feedback from them? Keeping an eye on client reviews or feedback is an important part of your marketing efforts. In fact, you need to go a step further and ask clients to review your services on your website. These positive reviews can help you attract more potential clients. Don’t just focus on the positive reviews; if you get negative feedback, embrace it, and respond to them as well. Responding to the feedback you receive from clients helps build your brand in the long term. You can create simple systems to prompt clients to share reviews of your law firm. Video testimonials can also be beneficial when published on your home page. 

  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another digital marketing tactic that any law practice can freely utilize. Consider inviting some legal experts to create a blog post that will be published on your site. This blog post will have a link back to their website. You may also create blogs for other law firm websites and have them link back to your site. Guest blogging, when done effectively, can help create high-quality links that increase your rankings on Google search results pages. 

  • Update Your Socials

Law firms can greatly benefit from maintaining active social media accounts. In fact, lawyers are now using social media to find prospects and convert them to leads and loyal clients. To make the most of any social media platform, you will need to come up with a solid strategy. These platforms are different in the way they operate and who they target, so using the same tactics across the board may not be effective. Create short videos and post them on your Facebook business page. This platform is ideal if you’re looking to build a community since a potential client can easily engage with you on multiple channels. If you’re looking to be in trend and create a loyal audience base, consider activating your Twitter business page. LinkedIn is ideal for long-form content.

  • Join Online Communities

There are lots of free online communities where you can be active and begin to build a loyal customer base in your local region. Law firms that are active in communities within the legal industry find easy ways to advertise online by building their credibility. There are different ways to interact in online communities with people in your locality. You can schedule meetings, collaborate with others and more. Just ensure that you search for relevant communities in the legal industry. A good place to start would be on social media channels like Facebook. Engage others on Facebook groups and showcase your expertise in different subject matters.


What’s outlined above are only 7 tips to get you started in promoting your law firm online. While these are the most basic methods, the best way to get started is by discussing your needs with an online marketing agency to create a long- and short-term strategy that will offer the most value for your firm. dNovo Group specializes in law firm marketing and can help you expand your legal business online.

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