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8 Ways to Leverage SEO for PR


Digital transformation has made it easy for corporations to go public with their products. However, with the high competition towards dominating the SEO, the transformation has had some kickback to many since only a few have cracked how the Google algorithm works. So how is it that a few content creators have made it, burying away their competitor’s work? Digital PR is the secret.

Digital PR may play a major role in boosting your publicity but works better when a few of your blogs appear on the top of the SEO. Combining SEO with digital PR ensures that you gain the necessary attention while, at the same time, trending in different channels. Here is how to leverage SEO for PR.

1. Publish Informative Content

While valuing quality for quantity is right, this doesn’t always work in your favour. Google has adjusted from short scannable texts to long informative blogs to be more helpful to the users.
Informative blogs tend to be wordy. This, in return, ensures that more keywords and phrases can be added to the text, improving the SEO while gaining more backlinks. The backlinks will ensure more traffic to your website, increasing your brand’s recognition.

2. Avoid Keyword Fluffing

Keyword fluffing is aimlessly placing keywords in your content to improve the SEO engine. The method will lower your ranking and get you penalized since Google has a way to identify keyword manipulation.

Instead, have a nice flow of keywords and add traditional backlinks that guide users to other similar posts. By properly mastering how to utilize your key phrases, you can optimize your PR content for search.

3. Always Ask for Backlinks from Editors

Ensure a call to action at the end of the post with link building services directing readers to your site in every post or press release.

You can also create linkable assets that will bait other bloggers to direct their readers to your site with a click. Backlinking is the best strategy to ensure that your site receives enough traffic to appear at the top of the search engine.

4. Optimize Your Visuals

Here, the main aim is to keep your readers scrolling after clicking your site. Include images in each release to capture the full attention of your readers. The images should be high quality and clear to make enough noise for attention.

It is also necessary to include a photo for executive hiring. Remember that every story has a visual aspect, so visualize your story by putting a face to a name.

Consider the media to be used when choosing the visuals to use. A video might work well on YouTube but perform poorly on Twitter. Knowing the right platform to converse with your audience without spamming the content is the point.

5. Use Short Headlines Featuring major Targeted Keywords.

The heading should be easily scannable to attract the reader’s attention. You also have limited characters to play with, so make every word count. Including the keywords in the headings will also improve your ranking on the SEO.

Use online tools to verify that your keywords receive enough volume in the search engine. If your keywords are receiving the expected high volume, there will be stiff competition, which means that you have to create masterpiece content that will outrank the rest. You can also use long-tail variants to the search terms to increase your chances of ranking the best.

6. Promote Placements and Articles on Social Media

You can post the same content on your site to third-party media apps, a method is known as content syndication. This will increase your audience and, at the same time, increase your brand’s awareness through links. 

When using content syndication, ensure that the pieces align with the SEO for functionality.
The sooner you accept that SEO and digital PR complement each other, the better chances to up your visibility in public you will have. Having a better understanding of SEO will also ensure that you have a better ability to use the PR for your interests.

Link building plays a major role in SEO strategies and, if well played, can be a huge win towards exposing your brand. As DISCO, we pride ourselves on leveraging SEO for PR and having pleasing results. To learn more about us, click here.

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