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AI vs Human Transcription for Speech-To-Text Services

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Transcriptions are the written version of an audio file, whether from a video or a recorded interview. Transcripts usually include the words you hear and other information such as background noises, speech breaks or music.

Written transcriptions enable users to read and understand audio in a text format. Transcription is helpful, especially for persons who are deaf or have hearing difficulties. One can also use transcripts if they are in settings were listening with the sound on is undesirable.

Therefore, transcribing accuracy is crucial as it guarantees users the most accurate meaning of audio in written form. Some of the essential qualities of a suitable transcription include clarity and nuance. The intended message might be confusing, lose sense or even be erroneous if readers can’t grasp the written content or if particular terms aren’t spelt correctly. Such files can confuse your audience and lead to a loss of trust in your brand and possibly a decrease in sales, which are profound implications.

What is AI Speech Transcription?

AI Transcription uses artificial intelligence to transform a voice into a written document. The software listens to the audio and then converts the spoken language into text by correlating the sounds to words in the software’s built-in dictionary in several languages. Also, you’ll get a first-draft, time-coded transcript that you may modify online with the built-in editing tool.

This type of speech-to-text technology is now widely used around the world, including by several products that you are presumably already acquainted with. A few examples are auto-captions on YouTube and talk-to-text on your smartphone.

What is Human Transcription?

Human transcription is the use of trained humans to transcribe audio and video recordings. After listening to the audio, the transcribers will make a written document. To assist them in translating voice to text, human transcribers employ specific transcription equipment and a shorthand system (e.g., simplifying letters or words and utilising symbols for words and phrases). You’ll also get a time-stamped transcript.

Differences Between AI and Human Transcription

Audio Quality

As we all know, Al transcription is converting audible words into written words. Unfortunately, they cannot distinguish between a noisy backdrop and the actual speech that requires transcription. Therefore, you must be in a quiet environment to use machine transcription. If you’re in a noisy environment, the computer will also transcribe the background noise, and you’ll end up with a paper that makes no sense.

On the other hand, human transcribers can distinguish your voice from background noise. Despite the quality of your audio, you will receive a high-quality paper that accurately expresses your message.


If you choose speed above accuracy, AI transcription is the best choice. The length of the file and the speed of the transcription service determine the time required to transcribe audio files. However, ideally, a machine transcript should complete transcribing as soon as the audio file has finished playing, which might take a few minutes or more depending on file length.

On the other hand, manual transcription might take longer since it requires a human to read, absorb and then transcribe the transcript word by word. Depending on the size of the file, this option might take up to 24 hours.


If accuracy is more important than speed, human transcribing can be a good option. Accurate transcription is crucial if you have a brand to safeguard. Errors and statements that don’t make sense might turn off your audience by portraying a lack of seriousness in your company or brand.

Human transcriptions typically have an accuracy rate of 99%, whereas AI has an accuracy rate of 85%, lower than the standard transcript accuracy criterion. While machine transcripts may not be as precise, they are editable, and you may make changes that are less time consuming than starting from scratch.


Accents are also a substantial barrier to AI transcription. A machine must be trained on all accents to transcribe accurately, which might take a long time. When accents impact word pronunciation, the computer may spell them out to the closest similar word accessible in their system, which might damage the meaning of the entire text.

On the other hands, even with varying accents humans will understand others’ speech if they understand the language. 

Many Speakers

Multiple-speaker conversations can easily overwhelm a transcription machine. The scenario even gets worse if the speakers have various accents and are in a loud environment. Since the technology is not intelligent enough to identify the transmission of information between persons, it transcribes the conversation as a single paragraph.

When there are numerous speakers, professional human transcribers can tell. These transcribers are intelligence enough to detect various dialects and voice tones and hence decipher them.

Grammar and Punctuation

Most machines do well in terms of punctuation, but none can match the precision of a human transcriber. A pause may be interpreted by the computer as the conclusion of a statement while, in reality, the speaker may be attempting to think of the next portion of the sentence or sipping a drink.

Parting Words

AI speech and transcription technology are rapidly advancing since technology companies are investing billions of dollars in voice recognition systems. All in all, acquiring human transcription services are often more accurate than AI speech transcription because humans can comprehend language and dialects better than machines. Furthermore, compared to Al transcription, people deal with background noise and many speakers better.

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