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VSAT Internet: A Worthy Option for Global Connectivity with Terrestrial Satellites!

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Gone are the days when people were using DSL and dialup connections! Today, it’s a global age, where people aspire for quality services to pace their business handlings. To handle business operations online, many professionals are suggesting using satellite internet services powered by VSAT technology.  This VSAT, as a service, has always been favoured for better communication establishment between individuals and satellites in terms of optimal bandwidth, better links, and communication devices. Wondering, what is VSAT? It is basically a two-way satellite ground station that facilitates satellite communications of voice signals, data signals and video signals and connections. With VSAT, people can hassle-free seek narrowband and broadband data which help many of the business to pace their task handlings easier than before. The main reason for better communication establishment among companies is VSAT signals, which are a well –known answer to high network interference and communication instability with a lack of essential devices.

Closely working on all the close initiatives of VSAT technology, Vizocom has been one of the competent names for satellite internet in Africa to bring many more businesses into satellite internet regime.  There is no denying that the fact that many of our core competitors in satellite internet have found us to be ‘best partner in 2020’ for all quality internet connection establishment with maximum band signals coverage. Apart from VSAT internet services, Vizocom offers top of the line VPN encryption for the security of your personal information and data. They also provide full services for things like web hosting, net meeting, etc.

How Does VSAT connect Small Offices and Homes to the Internet?

The process of connecting small business hubs and larger homes using VSAT technology is not as tedious as one think of, the first step is to get the relevant equipment which include the 1.2-3 meter outdoor unit also commonly referred to as a satellite dish, the indoor unit from where the link can be connected to a PBX, a terminal controller or LAN switch which will enable connections to other smaller gadgets such as fax machines, computers among other appliances.

Once the equipment is put in place and duly configured to communicate to the master earth station from where all maintenance and management will be carried out, all it takes for the engineers at the master earth station to activate your link and give you an IP address and you should be up and running.

Benefits of VSAT Technology that can’t be ignored

  • High-Reach from Regions to Regions

There is never a doubt circulating that VSAT services with its adequate signal coverage are better at covering a larger distance. In many regions of Africa, especially across its vast deserts and dense jungles, the installation of terrestrial lines is likely to remain so far the foreseeable future needs.

  • Mobility

With the use of better and smart devices like transponder and ICs, VSAT technologies can act as a trans-receiver for better use for the band signals to pace your business operation and other core handlings. With these benefits, it makes it for a wide range of professional users including NGO staff, travelling doctors, diplomats and environmentalists.

  • Quick Deployment

With all options of global connectivity vivid with VSAT technology, it is easy for the smart devices connected with the VSAT antenna to deploy high-speed internet services to people present in both rural and urban locations.

Final Thoughts

Hence, a VSAT internet service has always been one of the valid names for satellite internet connectivity to both urban and rural locations.  Working on the active functions of satellite internet, ICT, and Cybersecurity- we at Vizocom are trying our level best to come up with better internet connectivity at the vivid locations of Africa, Afghanistan, and others. As the top service provider of satellite Internet in Africa, we are coming up with better and better research in global connectivity. Today, you can count our services of satellite internet in Africa, as we are trying our level best to incorporate signals from’ 29 satellites’, so businesses can remain connected to high-speed internet 24*7!

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