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Western Clothing Trends Sure to Make Heads Turn

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Do you love Western movies? For a while, they were very much a niche market.

Now from the robots in HBO’s Westworld to avatars in the most anticipated video game, Red Dead Redemption 2, the cowboy is experiencing a renaissance.

But if you want to rock a cowboy look what clothing should you don to make it happen? Here’s everything you need to know about western clothing trends.

The Hollywood Cowboy

The rockabilly movement of the mid-50s was strongly influenced by the debonair style of the Hollywood cowboy.

By the time that the deerskin jacket used by border crossers was adapted into the suede and fringed jacket. This is an important symbol of the counterculture movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. It is seen in films such as Easy Rider and Midnight Cowboy, the rockabilly movement was firmly influenced by the debonair style of Hollywood cowboy.

The fashion industry, which does not miss the slightest hint of the cultural whirlwind, has displaced the Western look.

By contrast, they go for the pipe rockabilly shirt. They also like the strange Stetson. Another fashion trend is sledding in cowboy boots down the catwalks that trample through Fashion Week in all its rhinestone glory. Cowboys have long fascinated designers, but at this stage, we’re not talking about Ralph Lauren’s beloved double denim.

The Real Americana Look

The current Western trend is not so much a disguise as an evolution of fashion. It currently combines a taste for durability with a hearty, utilitarian drop of Americana. There are also black cowboys and cowgirls who are reinventing and embracing the spirit of the Wild West.

Consider elaborate jackets, jeans, plaid shirts, and easy-to-wear trend fabrics. These could be corduroy, shearling, and suede for a practical fit. One final choice you could opt for a Western-style denim corduroy shirt that is easy to wear on weekends.

The trend is wearable, it exists in your shirt of choice, and that should keep your work colleagues from asking you if it’s your thing of the month, especially with accessories that match your normal look.

Remember that this trend is a one-off cowboy, not a buffalo hunt. Lightly washed denim is a better option, paired with black skinny jeans to offset the extravagance of a loud western shirt.

The Jacket and Hat

The most telling way to bring a western trend to the wardrobe is a jacket and there are also women’s cowboy hats for the aspiring female cowgirl.

 In the desert, suede jackets are a strong option, similar to the deerskin used by cowboys and Indians to make their jackets. They are fringed so that the jacket can dry when it is wet, and I have heard of suede protectors for spray boys.

The western Denim Jacket, which has been adopted by more mainstream fashion styles and tribes since its inception, was invented in the 1880s for western frontier workers by Levi Strauss at a time when their clothes were not durable enough to arm themselves for the work they were doing.

Western Clothing Trends Sure to Make Heads Turn

Western clothing trends are all the fashion now. From the Hollywood, cowboy look to the classic Americana cowboy bringing back all the passion and adventure from the Wild West, there are trends to suit your tastes.

You could try on different jacks for size but it’s the all-important cowboy (or cowgirl) hat to keep the sun from your head that’s going to define your look.

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