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What Are the Different Types of Dress Shirts That Exist Today?

The fashion industry is an ever-changing thing, but one thing that never changes is a pristine suit. It is a staple part of any man’s wardrobe. However, the suit can look different in many ways due to one thing: your shirt.

There are many types of dress shirts, and if you are a beginner at knowing the difference between them, you can easily get lost. So here is a quick guide to the many dress shirt styles you can choose from.

Many Options

Men’s fashion trends are not static, and because of this, you can have an almost limitless amount of combinations between shirts and your collars. Some even allow you to use collars interchangeably.

Sometimes the best shirts though are the ones that are custom-tailored to fit your body. You can look here to learn more.

Types of Collars

The first thing people see when it comes to a nice suit is the collar. Why? Because it is below your face. Your collar can say a lot about how you choose to portray yourself to others. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Straight Point Collar:

The straight point is a be-all kind of collar. It works especially well for people with round faces or short necks because it gives a slimming effect to the face.

Spread Collar:

Bes for men with longer faces, the Spread Collar is a modern take on a classic design and one of the most casual looks you can go for.

The Club Collar:

These round-tipped ends originated from Eton College in England as part of the school dress code. Who knew they would become a hit in the social scene a few decades later?

The Wingtip Collar:

Wingtips are considered formalwear and were specifically designed to accommodate a bowtie. They’re worn with tuxedos and tailcoats almost exclusively.

Fit Styles

In addition to the different styles of collars that you can choose from, you can also decide on the bodily fit of your shirts. Here are a few examples.

Classic Fit:

It wouldn’t be named the classic fit if it wasn’t classic. This fit is intended to have the wearer move freely. However, it gives a bit of a boxier look as well.

Slim Fit:

This fit gives a tailored look compared to the Classic look and because of this, it is the most popular fit these days. It’s trendy and sleek and does without the excess fabric.

Modern Fit:

The Modern Fit is a healthy medium between the Classic and Slim fits. It gives the space of the Classic fit while also giving a tapered look similar to the Slim Fit.

Have Different Types of Dress Shirts

There are many types of dress shirts that you can choose from. Don’t just stick with the regular stuff, branch out and get different styles to see what works for you.

They say that the suit makes the man, but the shirt makes the suit. Get yourself the best shirts for your suits today. For more tips on how to boost your wardrobe, be sure to follow our blog.

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