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What Are the Different Types of Sandals That Exist Today?

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Sandals are some of the earliest footwear in existence, with our oldest evidence dating back to 8,000 BCE. Sandals, as far as we can tell, originated in Ancient Egypt.

The original purpose of sandals was for special occasions and dangerous terrain. Egyptians would be barefoot otherwise.

Other cultures adopted them from Egypt, and they became a staple among the arid deserts of Africa and the Middle East, as well as the milder climates of Greece and Italy.

Sandals have evolved a bit in their long history, though. Now, there are several types of sandals on the market. We’ll talk about some of them in the paragraphs below.

Flip Flops Sandals

Flip flops are the most common type of sandal on the market. Rubber flip flops consist of a Y-shaped strap that fits between the big toe and the other four toes.

A big part of their popularity stems from how easily companies can manufacture them. The materials used are mostly plastic and rubber, and there are only two pieces to fit together.

Flip flops have thousands of years of history behind them, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that they caught on in the US. As soldiers returned home from the Pacific after World War II, many of them brought home souvenirs. Among these souvenirs were zori.

Zori are a type of traditional Japanese sandal developed in Feudal Japan. Traditional zori were made from straw or scraps of fabric. Also, unlike American flip flops, zori are worn with socks known as tabi.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals got their name from their history, though they’re a bit of a misnomer. It’s not that gladiators didn’t wear these kinds of sandals, because they did.

The issue is that they weren’t the only or even the first users. They were developed by the Roman army, and gladiators used them to reenact battles.

These sandals are held on by crossed straps, and many of them have a form of back made from soft materials. These days, you can still see them in fashion shows and high-end shoe stores.

  1. Wedge Sandals

For those who want to wear sandals, but also need something semi-formal, there are wedge sandals. Unlike the other sandals on this list, wedge sandals aren’t defined by straps. Most of the time, their main feature is a raised heel, or, in some cases, an entire raised sole.

Wedge sandals are preferred by many because they make you look taller without sacrificing comfort, unlike high-heeled shoes. They’re also versatile and will go with any outfit.

You can find some of these stylish, comfortable sandals at Flojos, as well as many other kinds of sandals.

Types of Sandals for Summer

People have been experimenting with strappy shoes for thousands of years, and the result has been a long list of different types of sandals. We’ve talked about a few of our favorite styles in this article, but there are others we didn’t have the space to talk about.

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