3 Simple and Stylish Tips for Wearing Jewelry

Are you interested in adding some awesome and stylish jewelry to your outfits but you’re not exactly sure how to pair some bling to your wardrobe pieces? Accessorizing is not always easy, but there are a few basic tips and tricks that can help you feel confident while wearing jewelry.

For some tips when it comes to styling jewelry with your outfits, keep reading. In this guide, we will give you some hacks on how to wear jewelry that will help you find the right accessories for any outfit.

Layering and Paring

One of the most basic rules of jewelry wearing is that you need to know what different jewelry pieces work best to combine. Also, a huge trend that’s going on right now is layering your jewelry. When it comes to layering, doing so with necklaces is the best place to start.

You can begin by finding necklaces that are at different lengths so that when worn together, they will create a layering effect. This creates a statement that can still be elegant if done correctly, using similar complementary metals and chain types. Layering with your bracelets or bangles is also quite simple and it can be a great way to catch eyes due to the sparkles that will appear as you move.

You can also use rings to pair or stack for tons of interesting combinations. Layering with earrings is a possibility as well, especially for those who have a second piercing. However, you can also layer by using a cuff that attaches to the earlobe instead.

Don’t Go Overboard

If you’re just getting started with experimenting with your accessories it can feel exciting, compelling you to wear all your favorite new pieces at once. However, one of the biggest jewelry mistakes you can make is wearing too much jewelry in one look. With jewelry, you want to the less is more approach, as often, simplicity is key.

It’s also better to have a couple of high-quality items, so if you think your collection needs some upgrade, try selling some of your old jewelry to your local jeweler and use the money to treat yourself.

You don’t want to wear too many accessories in one outfit, as it can appear overwhelming or cluttered. It can also distract from rather than complement your awesome outfit and beautiful facial features. Make sure that the jewelry you’re wearing at once balances itself out for the best results.

Accessorize to Compliment Your Outfit

When planning an outfit, it’s important that you decide on what you’re wearing first and then pick accessories that complement the outfit you’ve chosen. You should also think about the event to which you’re wearing the outfit to. This will help you decide how fancy or how casually you should dress as well as which jewelry pieces are appropriate for the occasion.

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Wearing Jewelry Right: Your Simple Guide

When it comes to wearing jewelry, you should keep the tips and tricks mentioned above in mind so that you can have a great look altogether. Have fun with your jewelry while accessorizing right with this guide.

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