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What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram For More Engagement

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Instagram is a premier video-sharing platform globally. With billions of users around the world, it is the ideal destination for individuals, businesses, and celebrities to accelerate their growth. Well, if you are a new user, the only thing you might desire is more traffic and engagement on your Instagram account. Do you know that engagement depends on several factors such as posting times? If you are unsure, then this article is for you. We have encompassed a few but highly effective strategies that will get you more likes & views to increase engagement. Alternatively, you can also buy Instagram followers to effortlessly kickstart growth.

You will be able to take advantage of elements such as Instagram Insights, and even Spreadsheets to measure and track your engagement rate. Go ahead as we are about to uncover the mysteries that will open the doors to exponential growth on Instagram. Are you ready to crack the Instagram code? If yes, then read the article to break all the barriers and emerge as the winner. 

Find Your Top Time Zones & Watch the Active Status of your Followers 

As simple as it may seem, you need to find the ideal time for posting on Instagram. You cannot ignore the importance of the time zones of your country. Undoubtedly, the process of getting a strong engagement on Instagram is defeated if followers are ignored. The cherry on the cake is the audience research. Don’t fret over this section as we have come up with a straightforward approach 

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest your time and energy in that either as Instagram’s native analytics tool is the ideal candidate for this purpose. Have a glance at Instagram Insights to discover the optimal posting time. The Insights tool unlocks access to a plethora of followers’ related information including their location, gender, age, and active online times. This data can then be used to optimize your posting times and fine-tune your content strategy. For best results, you can use a creator profile. Hence, go ahead and find the best times to post or schedule. 

Measure Your Progress

It is important to ensure that you remain on track. Social media is a highly competitive space and you need to play your card rights to reach the top spot. This brings us to progress tracking. So, how would you do that? The answer lies in a simple spreadsheet that you can use to track the engagement of a post at different times. The ideal technique for this metric can be picking five different times throughout a particular week. After that, you can track the number of likes and comments received by each post. A better understanding of this information will help you to drive traffic and build more engagement with the audience. Try this and you’ll surely end up with more likes & views to increase engagement. 

Additional Factors to Ponder 

Well, if you are thinking you have got all, then you’re wrong because many points should be considered for the right posting time. Let’s briefly discuss them and find what good they can do to your business. 

  1. The Instagram Algorithm Factors in Timeliness

You can articulate that the key factor for various people’s success on any social media platform is the complete understanding of that service. The algorithm is friendly to the time of your posts. However, the chronological feed has no way today and you must adhere to newer content for more traffic. The average watching time of posts and the level of engagement influence the Instagram Algorithm. Count on this section to get more likes & views to increase engagement.

  1. Scheduling Your Posts for More Engagement

Scheduling is similar to automation and saves your time and effort. Hence, to prevent a last-minute rush, you should consider scheduling your posts. Research and analytics reveal that scheduled posts are likely to drive engagement. Further, a high lot of likes, comments, and saves will boost your account and take your posts to the trending users’ feeds. You can even catch the sweet spot on the Instagram Explore page. Nevertheless, your visibility and reach on Instagram automatically increase in the process. This is an effective way to leverage the compounding effect offered by engagement. 

  1. Posting for Most Active Time Zone(s)

As said earlier, Time Zone(s) is one of the key driving factors behind traffic. Ensure that you post with the correct Standard Time (GMT) of your region to target the right audience. However, the strategy becomes tricky when you deal with global customers or users. So, what to do in such a situation? Here’s some food for thought. 

Experimentation is a part of social media and you should think outside the box. Try posting at ‘odd’ times that are favorable to most of your audience around the world. Apart from this, personalized posting time may also suffice. Remember that this condition also applies to IGTV and Instagram Reels. This tip will work best for people who want more likes & views to increase engagement.

  1. Posting During Off-Work Hours 

Generally, it is said that great things come to those who wait. The same concept goes here. You can just post content during off-work hours to save your time. Lunch breaks (11 am-1 pm) and evenings (7-9 pm) are the best time to publish/post on Instagram. Get more likes & views to increase engagement using this trick. 

  1. Save Your Important Posts for Weekdays

Weekdays unlike weekends can be hectic sometimes. But you can make them interesting and relaxing by posting. Instagram engagement does not follow a thumb rule. This implies that engagement varies for most businesses. 


We hope this article will help you to discover the best time for posting on Instagram. For best results, you can create a content calendar and schedule/post according to that. If you follow the above steps correctly, nothing can stop you from getting more likes & views to increase engagement. Ensure that you post consistently and at the right time for stable growth. Feel proud to become a market leader and dominate your industry or niche with these strategies.

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