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What is Visa 189 Australia, and How Does it Process?


If you are interested in living and working permanently in Australia, the Skilled Independent Visa 189 is a perfect option for you. It is also known as Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), is a permanent residence visa for people who have the qualifications and abilities needed to meet Australia’s skill shortages but are not sponsored by a company or a family member, or a government.

Visa 189 is for point-tested skilled workers selected overseas to work in the different states of Australia. They are employed in their designated occupations. It lets them work and live permanently in Australia.

How to Apply for Visa 189 Australia

Before applying for a Skilled Independent visa, read through the entire application process. The accuracy of the information provided impacts with the outcome of the visa application and the processing time.

1. First, apply for a skill assessment.

2. Submit an expression of interest (EOI) before applying.

3. Gather all relevant documents.

4. Use the internet to apply for a visa.

5. You will be alerted and given instructions if additional documentation is required.

6. Get a copy of the visa’s official decision in writing.

 Eligibility Requirements for Visa 189 (Skilled Independent)

After being invited to apply, you must fulfil the eligibility requirements to qualify for a Skilled Independent Visa,

You need to:

  • Be between 18 and 45 years old of age.
  • Have at least proficient English language skills.
  • Have chosen an occupation that qualifies for this visa.
  • 189; Possess adequate skills assessments for the occupation you have chosen;
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the points test.
  • Lived in Australia continuously for five years and started that period before February 19, 2016, before applying
  • Fulfil specific health requirements
  • Fulfil the taxable income requirements
  •  Fulfil the character requirements

Processing Time for Visa 189 Australia
The average processing time is:

  • For 75 percent of all visa applications, the subclass 189 visa takes roughly 20 months, and for 90 percent of all visa applications, it takes 24 months.
  • Individual processing times vary depending on the applicant’s specific circumstances and the quality of the application submitted to the Department of Home Affairs.
  •  Many well-prepared applications are processed far faster and more smoothly than the average.

Visa 189 Cost:

It varies based on your application’s number and age of dependents.

It varies based on your application’s number and age of dependents.

Keep in mind that visa prices fluctuate from time to time.

This Visa, on average, costs AUD$4,045. These charges only apply to the principal applicant; any other family members listed on the application will need additional fees. The Department of Home Affairs website has a Visa Pricing Estimator. 

Benefits of Visa 189 Australia

Those who aspire to move permanently to Australia to start a new life can take several fantastic benefits;

  1. You do not require the sponsorship of a territory or a state to obtain a nomination to apply for this visa.
  2. You have unlimited flexibility to live, work, and study wherever you want in Australia with a 189 Visa.
  3. You can also sponsor family members to accompany you.
  4. You would get free education for your children.
  5. You may apply for house loans, Medicare, and Center link social security.
  6. You will enjoy travelling in and out of Australia.
  7. You will have an opportunity to be an Australian Citizen.

Reasons for Visa 189 refusal

The following mistakes can occur and result in the refusal of a Skill Independent Visa:

  1. Entering the incorrect visa type
  2. Using the previous visa for improper purposes
  3. Bank balance less than required
  4. Failing the English language proficiency test
  5. Failure to meet health requirements.
  6. Character Certificate not satisfied.
  7. Incomplete information on the application
  8. Submission without consultation and guidance

Difference between Visa 189 and Visa 190

The necessity for sponsorship from an Australian Territory or State is the fundamental distinction between the 189 and 190 visas. Only the 190 visa needs support from an Australian state or territory, which adds to the requirements you must meet to be eligible for the visa. To get a nomination for a 189 Visa, you do not need the sponsorship of an Australian Government. 


If you are a foreign worker with the most in-demand skills in the Australian economy and intend to stay in Australia permanently, a 189 Visa can be a perfect choice.
Australia is a top destination for people looking to start a new life; Australia is a leading destination. People from all over the world flock to Australia for its mesmerizing living standards and job possibilities. While entering Australia can be difficult.

Are you overwhelmed by visa requirements or worried about the Expression of Interest process? Contact us at The Migration for expert immigration advice in Australia.

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