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What Makes Laravel the Most Popular PHP Frame?


One of the most difficult aspects of the early phases of project PHP development is selecting the right framework. Although the general criteria for choosing a framework include the cost of PHP development, developers’ experience, the framework’s capabilities, there are several more things to consider, such as third-party integrations, deployment, testing, etc.

Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim are all PHP frameworks showing robust technical capabilities. Despite this, Laravel is staying at the top of the list of best PHP MVC frameworks. According to Stack Overflow Survey 2021, 10.12% of the respondents use Laravel, while another PHP framework Symfony is used only by 3.85%. 

Laravel can make web development a seamless and streamlined experience. Here’s a deep dive into the reasons why Laravel remains the leading PHP framework even today.

MVC Architecture For Exceptional Support & Performance

If you’re new to software development, first you need to understand what the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture stands for and what it means for software developers. The model is used to manage the data flow within an application. The MVC architecture separates the user interface from the rest of the application, including its database, business logic, and other software components ‘’hidden from users’’. So, how does it work? 

The application is divided into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller. Below are the key roles they play for software operation to click here anime pfp aesthetic.

  • The model manages the fundamental behavior of the application’s software. For example, it responds to requests and instructions.
  • The view delivers the elements of the user interface in the form a user can see using a web browser.
  • The controller receives input requests and calls to model objects and the view to perform appropriate actions.

Why do software developers use the MVC architecture for web development? When building PHP-based applications, they have to deal with a huge number of files. It might be okay for small projects, but when it comes to scalable software projects, it may be difficult to deal with unstructured code laying in thousands of files. Thus, by following the MVC architecture approach on your project, it’ll be easier to work with the code, which results in an optimized product delivery process. Being based on MVC, the Laravel framework has a lot of benefits like high performance, robust security, and scalability. Generally, you might want to use the MVC PHP-based framework Laravel as the MVC architecture to:

  • improve the development process of websites, web services, and web applications;
  • ensure clarity between logic and presentation of your application;
  • enhance the security of the code as developers can write well-structured and clear code;
  • help build and manage complex applications that are easy to scale.

Template Engine For Outstanding Layouts

Another reason for ranking Laravel as one of the best frameworks is the Blade feature which is a template engine. You might be wondering how your software project development will benefit from this Laravel feature, but first things first. 

The blade is an in-build template engine used with the Laravel web framework. It helps web developers work with plain HTML and PHP code. By providing developers with pre-made templates, Laravel makes it easier to maintain the code by customizing the pre-build functions. This allows your web development team to create beautiful dynamic layouts. If you ask web developers about the use of PHP code, they will prove that it can be unclear and illegible, which makes the coding process unreadable, while developers have to spend much time changing the code. With the template engine Laravel provides, your team can create large chunks of front-end code by using templates. Moreover, the feature helps developers avoid writing a lot of duplicate code, so they can build more complex apps faster with fewer bugs and clear code. Blade’s templates are lightweight, which enables developers to create attractive layouts and at the same time reduce the loading time of the web application. Finally, lightweight layouts will lead to improved SEO ranking of your website. 

Artisan CLI For Utterly Simple & Fast Commands

By introducing Artisan which is a CLI, or Command Line Interface, Laravel provides web developers with automation of recursive programming tasks. For example, previously they had to create classes manually, but now they can do it automatically by using a small command in Artisan. Thus, developers can create controllers, seed databases, and run unit testing by creating customized commands. It helps them get rid of tedious programming tasks they have had to perform manually. For you, as a client, it means a significant contribution to the optimization of the development process. Your development team saves time by not wasting hours on performing programming tasks manually. Finally, the ability to create customized commands allows your web developers to adjust the development process to your needs. 

Eloquent ORM For Easy Interaction With App Database

The last but not the least reason for using Laravel is the Eloquent ORM tool that allows web developers to interact with databases without using the SQL language. It’s the only PHP web framework that provides the way of building models, which significantly improves the performance of an application. Allowing to perform database queries with simple PHP syntax, Eloquent ORM simplifies the database development process as developers don’t need to write a lot of complex code in SQL. It saves your team time and optimizes the development life cycle.

So, below are the key benefits for your development team when the PHP development company uses Laravel and Eloquent ORM:

  • They can build database requests easier and quicker.
  • They can perform more tasks with less code.
  • They can use mutators and setters to save time on development.
  • If developers have no deep expertise in SQL queries, it’ll be easier to interact with databases using simple PHP syntax.


Thus, Laravel’s popularity is not based on the hype around this technology. It provides significant benefits that optimize not only the development process but also the web application’s performance. Here are the reasons why any Laravel development company would adopt Laravel as a framework for web development projects.

  • If a team has expertise in PHP, it’s easier to integrate them into Laravel. The framework has a short learning curve, so developers will deliver better results faster.
  • Laravel’s pre-built extensions significantly cut the development time. So, your developers will spend less time on writing code and reduce the time-to-market.
  • Laravel’s benefits allow you to create more complex apps with more advanced features and architecture as it’s a great solution for building long-term scalable projects.
  • Thanks to Laravel’s popularity, it has well-organized documentation and tons of tutorials, so it won’t be difficult for developers to learn this web technology
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