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Best Time of Year to Move to NYC


If you have decided to move to NYC but don’t know the best time to move, this article is for you. Moving to NYC is a big decision, so you’ll have to make some crucial decisions. You can seek the help of an NYC moving company to get an idea of the best time for moving to NYC

What’s the Best Time to Move to NYC? 

Here we’ll share some factors so that you can find the best time for a move. So, let’s start. 

  • Weather

Would you like to carry handbags with snow falling over them? Do you want to see the sun shining in the sky and clear paths? Do you want to move in a blue sky day, or do you want soggy cardboard to bum you out? 

If you’re moving to East Coast, the weather in winter will be harsh. Moreover, it’s not easy to predict the weather in New York from September to March. There is always a possibility of rain and snowfall. 

April to May is the ideal time to move to NYC because the sun will be out, and the temperature will increase. So, if you want to decide on the basis of weather, then you can move during these months. 

  • Apartment Availability and Cost

As mentioned earlier, most people tend to move to NYC during summer, so the rents are generally higher in summer. The best way is to sign a lease in February because it’s the cheapest month to rent an apartment in New York. After that, the prices start to increase and remain high during the summer. In July the rental costs will be at their peak. Then, prices begin to decrease in October and reach a minimum in February. 

But another important thing is the availability. It’s not true that you’ll get an apartment in New York whenever you go there. Most real estate business owners offer their apartments on lease during July because, during that time, rents are touching the sky. So, cost and availability are both important, and you need to consider both to make the best decision. 

Remember, broker’s fees will also be high during the winter season. So when you rent an apartment in winter, there are more chances of a bargain. It will help you to get a discount at the time of signing a lease. 

  • Don’t Forget Your Kid’s School Enrollment 

If you’re alone or just moving with a wife, then you can just rely on the above two factors for making a decision. But if you have kids, then consider their school calendar as well. No doubt July is an expensive month to move, but it will be a suitable time for kids. They can get used to the conditions before the school year begins. 

You can visit a school near the apartment to confirm whether they will enroll children if the term is already underway. However, the lists are filled fast for daycare kids, and you might have to wait for months or years to get space on that list.

  • Cost of Hiring Movers 

If you have decided to move during the peak season, movers’ prices will also be high. It means you can’t choose time and date according to your will. Moreover, companies will schedule your move according to their availability. On the other hand, when you move during the offseason, you have more control. For example, you can schedule your move and get discounts during the off-season. These few bucks can help you after reaching NYC. 

  • Tourist Season

The end of the year is mostly full of holidays, and it’s known as the tourist season. During this time, the whole city is lit up because people are ready to celebrate Christmas. So, it won’t be easy for a moving truck to get around. Moreover, it can prove costly for you because some companies charge based on time and distance. 

If there is no urgency, move a week after Christmas to avoid the hustle and bustle. But if you can’t delay your move, then confirm prices from your moving company well before your move. 

  • Off-Season Moving

Many people don’t know about the off-moving season. Off moving season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During that time, the weather is mostly predictable and best for the move. During these months, only a few people book apartments and moving companies, so you’ll have the best chance of saving lots of dollars. So, are you ready to take advantage of off-season moving? 

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, the best time to move to NYC is from February to April. The weather is predictable, apartment costs are not high, and broker fees will also below. But we don’t know about your schedules, so we can’t help you choose the best time of the year for a move. 

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