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How to Make Your Own Weighted Clothing?


If you are trying to improve your resistance training, weighted clothing may be the way to go. However, they come at a cost, and the investment may not be a priority for you. The good thing is that you can make weighted clothing at home with just a few supplies from your local stores. 

Weighted clothing has become popular among strength and resistance training fanatics, thanks to its convenience and flexibility. Unlike the weights from standard gym equipment, weighted clothing allows you to move more freely while targeting the muscles you want to work on. 

Below is a simple guide on making weighted clothing, including what you need for the job. With the tips, you can create suitable and user-friendly weighted clothing and save money you would have otherwise spent buying ready-made weighted clothing. 

What You Need for Clothing?

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The idea is to utilize items you already have at home and, if not, find cheap options on eBay, Craigslist, and similar stores. An essential thing is a vest where you will add your weights. An ideal choice would be a vest with shoulder pads to protect your shoulders when wearing the weighted vest. 

Collect some weights, ideally grip plates, as they have four slots that you can use to secure the weight onto the vest. Also, get a 3/8” plywood to act as extra support when tying the weight onto the vest. 

You will also need an old backpack that you can use to get the straps and use them to secure the weight on the vest. If you do not have an old bag, you can buy straps from a local fabric store.  

How to Make a Weighted Vest?

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Start by fitting a 3/8” plywood piece at the back and front of the vest. These will hood the weight better while adding a layer of protection. If your vest has a plastic backing, like most athletics tees, use bolts, washers, and nuts to safely secure the plywood. 

Attach the straps appropriately by fitting two at the back and three at the front to hold the weight plate. The extra strap at the front holds the weight tighter to the chest and keeps it secure when doing pushups.  

Drill a hole wide enough for your straps to go through the plywood, then attach the weight plate to the wood. This will ensure the plate does not move with any workout movement. 

 Such a vest can hold up to 70 pounds as long as you secure it on a plywood piece for extra security. When using the weights, go for 10-pound increments to help distribute the weight while giving yourself time to adapt to the additional weights. 

This DIY method of making a weighted vest can come in handy for other weighted clothes, too, as long as you place the weights strategically. The process is simple, requires readily available materials, and does not take long to complete. With the right tools and following the steps to the key, you can make weighted clothing and save quite a considerable amount of money.  

There are many ways in which you can use to make your own Weight loss clothing. You can either get them from the local store or you can simply create it from scratch on your very own. If you want to have a taste of making Weight loss clothing, you can make them using the old-fashioned way by buying a variety of fabrics from your local cloth shop and then tying them into a bun or a t-shape and stringing them on with beads. The advantage of this method is that you can create as many different designs as possible without worrying about the size. This will allow you to make different clothes for different occasions. It is not only affordable but also fun.

If you have decided to go the traditional route by making your own Weight loss clothing, you should start with the basics like jumpers and overalls. These are generally made from polyester and they come in a variety of colors to suit every occasion. If you want to create something unique, you can use different fabrics like 100% cotton, linen, etc. Apart from looking fancy, they will also help you in losing weight. These days, there are so many trendy options available that you can choose from according to your taste and preferences. So, if you still don’t have any idea about how to make your own Weight loss clothing, you should browse through these stores and choose something that you will feel comfortable in.

There are people who love to buy fancy clothes and accessories for themselves. In case you are also thinking of making your own clothes, you can have some fun designing clothes and accessories that will help you in losing weight in style. There are people who love to have sexy clothes with figure flattering designs while there are others who want to look slimmer. Whatever your choices may be, the important thing is that you will get the kind of weight loss clothes that you want and will enjoy wearing.

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