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What is a WhatsApp Spy App? How can We See Live Activities on Kids Mobile?

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WhatsApp spy app is an application that comprises special features to surveillance on someone WhatsApp. It allows a user to work in 100% stealth mode and get real-time information with no single gap. Users can track every activity performed by targeted persons like messages, audio calls, video calls and shared media files as well. WhatsApp spy app does it silently and secretly and provides reliable results on time. 

So many spy software provides a WhatsApp spy app, but TheOneSpy is the most advanced software that facilitates users with its unique featured base WhatsApp spying app. People’s beliefs on it blindly as it is well known for its reliable features. Not only this, but it also serves people by giving them value for money. Like it provides 24/7 free customer support service. It gives a 14 day’s money-back guarantee. Its expert technicians help users if they face any technical issues. It also gives discount offers on special events. This is how TOS takes advantage above other spy software.

Let’s see how it facilitates parents to protect their kids.

How does WhatsApp spy app facilitate parents?

In this advance era, almost every parent has a fear of their kid’s/ teen’s protection. They want to protect their kids from harmful activities like bullying, cybercrime, cyber harassment and many other dangers. TheOneSpy is the best surveillance kids spy app that helps the parents to spy on their kids every single activity. 

TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy facilitates by performing 4 unique functions, are as follows;

Easy Spy

WhatsApp Keystroke

It enables the parents to spy on every typed word by their kids on their WhatsApp. If the child has a password on his WhatsApp, so this TOS outstanding feature spy on every single word and letter and enable the parents to detect the secret password. 

WhatsApp Messages

It allows parents to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages. Parents can track if their kids are using loose language or bullying someone or if any unknown is harassing to their kids so they can protect their kids.

WhatsApp Voice Message

It empowers the user to spy on all voice messages and calls. A parent can listen to their kid’s endless calls and tone of the conversation. If their kids are getting angry or threat someone on call or if any unknown threat a kid on call so the parent can protect their kids from a harmful situation before time.

WhatsApp Screen Recording

It is the best tool among other WhatsApp spy features. It is especially for working people, who cannot monitor their kids timely. Parents can send the command to record WhatsApp activities automatically. So, when a kid will go online, this spy app will record every act performed by the targeted person. It records all incoming and outgoing messages, voice messages, audio call, video calls and shared media files as well. It records 1- minute short videos and sends them on the user control panel.

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What do you need to work with WhatsApp Spy App?

If you are a parent, you may have been very impressed now. You may think of how to use it. So, it is not difficult. You just need to follow some steps and then you can adopt this technology immediately. Let’s tell you to step by step.

Step 1: Go to TheOneSpy website and select the suitable package according to your device version.

Step 2: Get the subscription of the selected one. After getting subscribed, TOS will send you a mail regarding essential instructions.

Step 3: Read the instructions carefully and install the WhatsApp spy app into your targeted device. 

Step 4: Go to your dashboard and activate the WhatsApp spy app. All WhatsApp data of targeted phone will automatically be transferred to your user cloud account. 

Step 5: Now you will be able to start monitoring remotely. TOS gives you physical and hidden access over targeted WhatsApp.


We concluded that TheOneSpy WhatsApp spying app is a best and unique tool that facilitates a user with its advanced feature and guarantee of priority to user privacy. Many people are getting benefit from it as it helps parents by providing real-time information about their kids every single activity. Over time, TOS will bring more innovative features to facilitate users more conveniently.

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