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Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Quality Digital Marketing Strategy

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Did you know that 35.1% of adult Americans did not visit a dentist’s office in 2020?

There is a huge market for patients who do not visit a dentist due to inconvenience, inaccessibility, or fear.

The Internet has opened the door for digital marketing to keep existing patients coming and attract new ones.

In this guide to digital marketing strategy, we’ll explain five ways it can benefit your practice, your patients, and your community!

  1. It Keeps Existing Customers Coming

Marketing your dental practice online encourages loyalty in existing patients. This can happen in several ways.

Reminding patients about your practice through online ads keeps you relevant among competition. Ads also encourage people to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments.

Showcasing positive reviews online fosters patient confidence in your practice.

Promoting a FAQ column displays understanding of patient concerns. It also provides quick answers, which is convenient for patients who do not always have time to call.

  1. It Attracts New Customers

Digital marketing strategy can help you reach new patients.

Frequent Internet users as well as people who have recently moved are easily influenced by digital marketing.

People that frequently use the Internet receive targeted ads based on their interests, needs, and location. People who have recently moved to an area often seek out new healthcare facilities.

Digital marketing strategy caters to these populations and encourage them to visit your office.

  1. It Reduces the Negative Stigma and Fear of Dentistry

Many people are fearful of dentists because of the negative stigma around dental work. A successful digital marketing strategy can diminish this fear.

Present your practice as a safe, friendly, and non-threatening place with thoughtful web design. You can:

  • Encourage relaxation techniques
  • Highlight your qualifications
  • Provide accounts of how you have dealt with fearful clients in the past

Using these dental marketing tips will show that you value the comfort and confidence of your patients. This will reassure those who are fearful and combat negative stigma.

  1. It Makes Your Patients Feel Connected

Some of the best digital marketing strategy advice centers around making your patients feel connected.

Digital marketing connects patients by making reviews, pricing, and practitioner biographies accessible.

Remote contact options allow communication from anywhere at any time and help patients prepare for their appointment in person. This creates a sense of trust and security.

  1. It Promotes Good Dental Health in Your Community

An effective digital marketing strategy can promote good dental health throughout your community.

Marketing your practice online will generate more business, meaning more people receive dental care.

Once patients have a good experience at your practice, they will return for checkups and share their experiences online or with friends.

As the positive experience of one person spreads, more people will make appointments to get in on the action. This domino effect will result in the entire town receiving great dental care!

Employ A Digital Marketing Strategy Today

Implementing a digital marketing strategy benefits your practice and your patients. Sharing these benefits makes for a successful and rewarding business!

To learn more about digital marketing strategy, check out our marketing articles under the SEO column of our homepage!

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