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4 Factors That Will Impact The Cost of AC Installation


Air conditioning technologies have become more efficient and better than ever. Now, home-cooling has taken energy-saving and comfort into consideration. In addition, zoning systems are now also practiced to minimize environmental footprints and at the same time lessen economic costs.

Having a system provides increased comfort, especially during the summer months. It’s also an excellent choice to protect you and your family from environmental pollutants. You can improve your indoor air quality by bringing conditioned and filtered air instead of opening your windows to keep your house cool.

Factors To Consider

If you plan on getting your own installed, you might be wondering about air conditioner installation cost. Well, several factors can determine installation cost. But first, you need to decide whether you are installing in your home for the first time or if you are an outdated one ac repair Scottsdale.

If you replace an outdated system, the cost will generally be lower than making a first-time installation. So if it’s going to be your first time, go ahead and check the variety that will affect the cost below.

Space and Desired Level of Comfort

The size of your home and the size of that your space will need will dictate the cost of installing a system. So for larger areas, you will need a customized plan that provides more coverage. But thanks to current developments in home-cooling technology, it’s now easier to keep bigger homes cool and comfortable.

When it comes to comfort, you have to ask a few questions. First, are you planning on keeping your entire home cool? Or are you just planning on maintaining a comfortable temperature in certain areas?

In addition, you have to determine if you will be keeping the on all the time or if you are only planning on using a fraction of it, especially during the summer months.


If your home offers excellent insulation or a few west-facing windows and trees surround your home, your house can be naturally cool during the summer months. However, if your house receives a lot of natural light and poor insulation, you will need a system to keep your living cool and comfy.

When it comes to efficiency, you should always consider the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) because the government sets specific efficiency requirements depending on where you live.

For example, the government requires HVAC companies in Portland to sell equipment that is 13 SEER or higher. In 2023, this will increase to a minimum SEER of 14 for all northern states, resulting in higher equipment prices.

Take note that the efficiency of the system impacts the upfront and the long-run cost. Systems with a higher SEER rating will usually cost more upon installation, but they can help you save more money in the future since the electricity costs will be lower.

Noise and Sensitivity

People have unique preferences. Therefore, you have to ask if you or your family members are sensitive to humming or buzzing sounds. Because if you are noise-sensitive, there are systems that adhere to various noise-related requirements.

In the past, quieter systems were more expensive, but now, you can find a more silent system that will fit your budget.

Type of System

There are so many systems to consider. For example, you can have a central air conditioner, a heat pump or a ductless AC unit. With many systems currently available in the market, it is your responsibility to check the pros and cons of each.

You can speak with a consultant or choose a customized solution that will work best for your needs and budget.

Additional Tips

There are multiple variables you need to consider, and with the number of options currently available in the market, it can be a little confusing. But, to give you a ballpark figure so you can start to plan and prepare, the cost of a central installation for the first time can vary from $4500 to $8500.

Ductless systems are often called mini-splits. They are also considered a type of heat pump. This type can be a bit more expensive, and they can start at around $5000 and up. However, this is an excellent option if your home doesn’t currently have existing ductwork.

Although these systems cost a little bit more, they have countless benefits. One of these benefits is the capacity to do zoning, which allows you to control the rooms or spaces in your home that you want to keep cool.

So as you can see, ACs are not created equal, and they vary in the following factors such as:

  • type
  • size
  • brand
  • manufacturer
  • SEER efficiency ratings

If you are researching the best system for your home but don’t know how to start, you may choose to reach out to HVAC consultants to help you out.

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