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Be the Cool Dad on the Block: 5 Tips for Being a Fashionable Dad

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Everyone loves a great father figure, including these fan-favorite TV dads. That being said, one thing becomes clear when looking at all of these beloved dads: dads aren’t always known for their good fashion sense.

That’s about to change. With a few simple tips, you can become the dad that has it all, including great style.

So, how can you become a fashionable dad? It isn’t as hard as you may think.

Read on for five tips that will help you to become the most fashionable dad on the block.

1. Start With Great Kicks

We all know the joke about go-to footwear for dads: socks and sandals. They may have their place (although we’re not sure where that place is), but more often than not, you can reach for a more practical and stylish pair of sneakers. Head here for more information about great shoes that will help you keep up with the kids without sacrificing your looks.

2. Pick Mature Brands

If your wardrobe looks outdated, it may be because you’re still reaching for the brands of your youth. Maybe skater gear from Pac Sun or polos from Hollister looked great on you in college, but it’s time to shop with more mature brands. High-street brands are perfect for age-appropriate denim, button-downs, and T’s that you can wear on a regular basis.

3. Go With Neutral Tones

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re buying clothes for fashionable dads is to pick neutral tones that are easy to mix and match. Beige, grey, white, black–all of these colors will keep you looking put together, slim, and stylish. Plus, you won’t have to put much thought into whether or not your clothes match in the morning!

4. Know Your Size

It doesn’t matter how expensive your clothing is if it doesn’t fit. Wearing ill-fitting clothing gives off the vibe that you haven’t shopped in years or that you’re not sure of what to wear as a dad. Head to a tailor and make sure that everything from your T’s to your slacks is well-fitted.

5. Commit to Grooming

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear! It’s also about how you present yourself and take care of things like your skin, hair, and beard. Commit to a handful of great grooming products for men like a cleanser, beard oil, and light hair mousse to keep yourself looking fresh and well-groomed every day.

Become a Fashionable Dad and Dress to Impress

It’s time for the dawn of the fashionable dad! With these tips and tricks, you can update your style and look more sophisticated while still dressing in a way that lets you keep with the kids. Which tips will you try first?

Another great way to learn what to wear as a dad is to keep up with celebrity dads and what they’re wearing. Take a look around as we talk about celebrity spottings, the latest trends, and more helpful content that will build up your fashion sense.

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