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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Developing an App

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Developing an App 1

In February 2022, over 18000 mobile apps were released on the Google Playstore. How do you ensure that your app stands out and gets on your target audience’s phone with so many apps present in the market? How would you design the UI/UX and develop the mobile app in a way it appeals to your audience?

Here’s how. Let’s proceed to the 5 things that every developer should consider before creating their app. 

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Mobile Application 

  1. Perform Market Research 

Before developing your app, you need to conduct proper market research. According to a market study, 72% of the new apps fail to meet stakeholders’ expectations because of insufficient market research. If you start developing an app without the proper research, you limit your scope of impact. 

  • Search for a problem in the business world or society that can be solved with. 
  • Gauge your skills and those of your team members to ensure you can develop a solution for that specific problem. 
  • The market research will give you a rough idea of the business model that you can build around your app. 
  • Find compelling marketing strategies for your brand while doing market research. Most importantly, you will know if your digital product is needed in the market or not. 
  • With in-depth market research, you can learn about the competitors and how their business model is faring. 
  • Primary market research will help you develop the idea and build the framework for your business. Social media platforms, forums, interviews with key personnel, and focus groups will help you with your primary market research. 
  • As for the secondary market research, you will need to do a thorough SWOT analysis. Secondary research will help you strengthen the technical fundamentals of your mobile and create a practical strategy to push your market. 
  1. Identify the Target Audience 

After creating a detailed report about your findings from the market research, you need to define your target audience. 

  • Defining your target audience will help you find the Total Addressable Market (TAM). TAM is a finance term used to determine the revenue-generating opportunity available for mobile developers. If you are not adding any value to your user’s life, it will become challenging to scale the business. Therefore, first, you need to find the right audience that will benefit most from your mobile. 
  • Following the target audience’s demographics will help you create the UI and the UX design of your app accordingly. Furthermore, you can gather data and other behavioral inputs from your audience to help you increase the efficiency of your app. You can use behavioral data to create segmentation and personalization strategies to target your prospects better. 
  • You must understand your product’s value. Just creating and listing the features will not be sustainable in the long run. As a developer, you need to continuously improve your app based on the feedback from your target audience. Only then can you retain your customers. Understanding the demographics of your target audience can also influence the design and accessibility of yours. Location, age, language, education, and gender are a few critical demographic areas that can significantly inspire the utility. For example, if you target people over the age of 60, you need to create a simple design with larger fonts to make it easier for them to navigate your user interface. 
  1. Check the App Hosting Platform

Mobile developers must choose the right platform to create and host there. Android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms, while WindowsOS has become obsolete. 

  • Android vs. iOS – Now, developing on Android and iOS is vastly different. The development process for the two has its own pros and cons. Due to budget restrictions, mobile developers may have to select between the two during the initial launch. For comparison, optimizing for iOS is relatively easy as there are so few iPhones on the market. The basket value of the store purchase is also higher than that of the Android Playstore. However, creating for Android lets you tap into their massive user base and makes it easier to scale. 
  • Both Platforms – If you have the budget and the monetary backing, you can choose to build on both platforms simultaneously. Developing a for both platforms also gives rise to cross-platform functionalities that the users can utilize. For example, most mobile games support cross-platform match-ups and multiplayer campaigns nowadays. Both platforms will influence the design and can produce intuitive user interfaces. But, some developers might have to compromise on certain features while creating a cross-platform.  
  1. Measure the Performance Metrics

Developing an app is a never-ending process. Once the mobile developers release the beta version of their app to the public, they need to continuously measure the performance metrics to ensure their app is performing well. 

  • Retention and Churn Rate – When it comes to mobile development, retention rate and churn rate are two of the most crucial performance indicators. Retention rate tells you about the total number of users repeatedly using the app in the given period. Inversely, the churn rate measures the number of people abandoning the after using it for a brief period. The former enables you to capitalize on your strengths and enhance the user experience, and the latter highlights the weaknesses that need to be eliminated. 
  • DAU and Daily Sessions Per Daily Active User – Other metrics include Daily Active User (DAU) and Daily sessions per daily active user. As the name suggests, DAU measures how many users use the app per day. With the Daily sessions per DAU, you drill further down and explore how frequently the users are interacting. These metrics allow you to measure the engagement rate of the app. And, most stakeholders of the app expect high engagement rates and repeat visits. 
  • CPA AND CLTV – Finally, cost per acquisition and customer lifetime value measure the user’s effect on the company’s finances. A mobile developer should try to maximize the LTV while minimizing the CPA. 
  1. Apply Security Measures 

If you have designed a mobile application that collects sensitive data from the customers to function correctly, you need to put suitable security measures in place. 

  • Companies keep data like behavioral data, age, name, number, payment details, and preferences in highly encrypted, secure servers. 
  • Keep the security updates and patches flowing to prevent hackers from stealing essential data. Therefore, keep multiple back-ups and encryption processes to safeguard your customers’ sensitive data. 


The list covers the basic things a developer needs to do to extract the most from their apps. The best-performing apps are the ones that are thoughtfully created, keeping the user’s best interest in mind. During the development stages of any mobile app, multiple things can go wrong. Hence, monitor the process closely and test all the aspects of the app to ensure you are delivering the best for your customers. 

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