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Everything You Need To Know About Dry Vans


Dry vans are the ideal freight method for shipping items. They offer protection and support that goods in freight need. Dry vans are semi-trailers with an enclosed compartment. Unlike flat be trailers, dry vans do not vary in size. Some dry vans have a temperature control unit that is ideal for temperature-sensitive items.


For the most part, dry vans are used for shipping food products. The dry van is the only method to ship a product without refrigeration. This is because dry vans are allowed to be parked in public places.

Dry vans are also used for shipping construction materials such as cement, lumber, and other building materials. In addition, dry vans are used for transporting heavy equipment such as forklifts and trucks.

Dry vans are suitable for transporting items that do not require temperature control or refrigeration. Dry van transport has a reputation for being remarkably safe and secure because of its secure compartmentalization of goods and its ability to park in public places.

Types of Dry Vans


Dry bus are available in various sizes and can be used for various purposes. The most commonly used dry van is the mid-size dry van. With its large size, it can be used to ship large amounts of products such as heavy construction equipment or other items that require a secure environment to be shipped.

The design of a dry van is typically based on the type of cargo. For example, if the shipment is food products, the design is usually based on a refrigerator truck. If the shipment is denser such as construction materials or heavy equipment, then a more box-like design is preferred because it can better withstand the weight and forces exerted on it during transit.

A typical dry van has an open space in which items are placed on pallets so that they are easily accessible by the driver and can be loaded into place within seconds without unloading everything first. This allows for faster loading times and fewer breakdowns due to delays in unloading.

The dry van is also used to transport goods that require refrigeration. The inside of a refrigerated van is typically insulated and has a large amount of cold air circulating throughout the vehicle to keep food products cool during transit.

Overnight Cargo Vans

Overnight cargo are used to transport cargo that requires a secure environment to be transported overnight. These vans can transport items such as heavy construction equipment or appliances. They are usually equipped with security features like locks on the doors, gates, and windows and video surveillance cameras to ensure there is no breakdown during transit.

Advantages of Dry Van Shipping

According to Hale Trailer, there are several advantages to using a dry van rental for your shipping needs. For one, “Dry vans are designed to keep anything shipped in their cavity completely clean and dry.” The primary benefit is that a dry van can be used for shipping any cargo. There is no need to find a specific trailer to transport the product because it can be loaded into the dry van and transported as needed. Dry vans are also equipped with additional features like lighting, security, and refrigeration that make it easier to transport bulky or fragile items.

Disadvantages of Dry Van Shipping

A few disadvantages of using a dry van include that they are usually more expensive than traditional trailers. They do not have the same maneuverability as trailers. Additionally, they do not have any suspension system installed, which can cause them to bounce around on bumpy roads during transit.

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