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6 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

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Dogs are human’s best friends. So, it’s not surprising when you think about going out and having a meal with your dog. Although dog and human foods are different, there are some foods that are common for both humans and dogs.

Let’s see some foods that are common for humans as well as dogs. You can have the same meal with your dog if you are eating any of these food items.

Food Items

  1. Fish

Fish have many nutrients and vitamins that help dogs to stay healthy. Tuna, salmon, and other types of fish have fatty acids that help in boosting your dog’s immune system and make them stronger. Salmon and Tuna are the most preferred fish for dogs. Food like shrimp contains vitamin B which helps in maintaining the digestive system of the dog. When you are planning to go out with your dog, you and your dog can have fished together. Make sure that fish is fully and properly cooked because uncooked fish can contain germs or insects that might harm your dog’s body.

2. Carrots

Every dog should have good dental health because it is the source of energizing other parts of its body. Chewing exercise can make your dog’s teeth stronger. That’s the reason you can give carrots to your dog as a part of a meal as well as to maintain their dental health. You can give carrots with dog food because it can help in keeping their meal healthy. Carrots also contain vitamin A which is beneficial for the dog’s immune system and maintaining its coat and skin. Carrots can also maintain your dog’s eyesigt. It will keep their eyes healthy because it has many vitamins in it.

3. White Rice

If your dog is having some issues with its digestion, then white rice can be the best option for them. Dogs can eat plain, freshly cooked white rice without any additives. But before you give white rice to your dog, make sure to check their diabetes level(if they have it) because white rice is not good for dogs with diabetes. They can eat small portions of rice, but dogs with diabetes cannot eat much white rice. You can give rice along with dog food, which you can purchase from Glow Pet Food, which is good for your dog’s health.

4. Apples

Apples are rich in fiber and vitamins; hence it helps in maintaining your dog’s immune system. Apples contain vitamin A and C that can boost your dog’s energy level. Moreover, many dogs also like to chew their apples in big portions, and this can help in maintaining their dental health. Remember, when you give your dog hard chewable food make sure to give something healthy like apples and carrots and not other harmful things like biscuits(gluten in the biscuit can harm your dog’s digestive system). What’s more is that when you give apples to your dog, make sure it is fresh, rotten apples can harm your dog’s health.

5. Chicken

Chicken and meat are the favorite dishes of all the dogs. You can give your dog some chicken and meat without any seasonings and additives. Chicken has many vitamins and minerals that help in relieving your dog’s upset stomach as well as boosting their immune system. Chicken and meat can be given with white rice if your dog doesn’t like to eat any dish without the combination of two foods. It helps increase the blood level of dogs. But before you give the chicken to the dog, make sure it is properly cooked because if it is uncooked, then it may have some parasites that might harm your dog.

6. Blueberries

If you are having some Blueberries, then you can share them with your dog too. The antioxidants and phytochemicals that are present in blueberries will boost your dog’s health. Moreover, blueberries are rich in fibers, so they can boost your dog’s immune system and make your dog stronger. It is believed that dogs also have age-related issues that might cause them trouble with their health, but blueberries can fight age-related issues in your dog. Moreover, blueberries can maintain eye health, boost circulation in blood vessels and improve digestion-related issues in your dog. In conclusion, we can say that giving blueberries to your dog is safe.

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