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Benefits of a Regional TV Guide


Back in the days, idle scrolling of channels on TV was Australia’s pastime. Even though we saw some of these folks migrate to streaming services, some are still loyal to cable TV. If you’re one of the loyal subjects, this article might concern you. 

Sometime later, TV guides gave people a sneak preview of their favorites and the whole country switched their screen time shortly. TV guides help us a lot in deciding what to watch, which channels to subscribe to, and bonuses. Its ad space has some great deals as well. 

Then, came regional TV guides like Melbourne TV guide, Sydney guide, Adelaide TV guide, etc. that were considered a big improvement, and, in this article, we will talk about its benefits. 


It’s your crowd that is TV filtered

There is currently an app that is a TV guide for all of Australia. For the viewers to get to their favorite listings, there was an insane amount of surfing and filtering. Before the app, there was a guide where you had to go through many pages since you didn’t subscribe to all of them. 

When regional TV guides came out, the hassle of filtering was reduced. People can pick their region and it simplifies the process of knowing what’s next. Also, you have the added advantage of having more interesting conversations since it is a service of your region. Imagine talking about last night’s game together, knowing full well that people in your area watched it too. 

To summarize, regional guides filter from the masses and give you region-specific shows and channels.  

It’s your views that matter

TV guides receive feedback from the audience about the shows and channels. They do so to decide whether the company should discontinue negatively reviewed channels or not. When you have a regional TV guide, it will be more focused feedback, rather than an entire nation.

Today we may not have many of Gen Z watches, but enough millennials and Gen X who do. Their reviews can be mixed with shows and features that you don’t necessarily agree with. The guide cannot control who watches and prefers what, but with regional-specific guides, your feedback can bring great content to you. 

To summarize, regional TV guides use your specific feedback to improve the quality of cable TV. 

It’s your endorsements to read

TV guides have ad space that is utilized by big companies. Imagine what can be marketed in a regional TV guide? This is another incentive. 

Imagine you’re reading a guide about a lucky draw or giveaway and you’re getting excited. You read through the guidelines and keep telling yourself ‘Possible’ ‘yes’ ‘clear’ and you scroll to the eligibility criteria to find out you’re not eligible. It may be for a different subscriber base or a different age group or a different region. All that excitement down the drain? The chances of this emotional rollercoaster can be reduced through regional guides. 

It doesn’t just have to be big events in endorsements. It could be a garage sale or an announcement that concerns your region. Another feature of this is that regional guide owners would know their demographic. The age of the audience, their likes, and dislikes in content. They can use this demographic to feature ads that are more relevant to the region. If they all gave a thumbs up to shows like Big Bang Theory, wait till they watch shows like Modern Family or Two and a Half Men. 

To summarize, regional guides have refined advertisements and endorsements for viewers to interact with. 


To put it simply, regional guides give a more personal touch to the world of cable TV. Whether you lie in the region of New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, or Southern Australia, a regional guide will be more relevant to users. After getting it, you will feel a significant difference in your viewership and ad space. Currently, there are more advancements being made to the world of guides, especially considering how the streaming service is taking over entertainment. The filtration process and channel selection criteria are witnessing improvement. There are more advanced modes of endorsement of channels and shows like using award-winning directors and actors. Your guide can help you know the shows which you have to TiVo during the day. We hope you’re convinced now, more than ever, to bring home a regional TV guide. Happy viewing!

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