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The Ultimate Guide Death Note Characters Role, 16 Characters

Death Note Characters

Death Note

Death Note is a Japanese series release on October 3, 2006. The storyline of Death Note is written by Tsugumi Ohba and the character was illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This story of this series is based on a mysterious notebook own by Shinigami know as God of death. If someone writes the name of a person on it, He will die with a heart attack within 40 sec. The fact is Shinigami has fear to get die so they steal half-life of humans so they survive longer

Shinigami is also described as a creature of darkness and monster. If any human being touches the Shinigami book, he becomes the owner of the book is possessed by a God of death, its original owner, until he dies. and can kill people by writing the of the person.

Notebook owners can also decide the time and case of this death. Whenever a human uses the Shinigami Notebook, his real owner appears in front of him within 39 days. The Shinigami has no obligation of telling the mutual and rule of the death notebook. Like Shinigami, a human can’t increase their life by writing their name in the notebook.

Death Note Characters:

Light Yagami  (Kira):

Psychological analysis of Light Yagami (Death note)

            Light Yagami is the Death note main character also known as Kira. He is a high intellect, intelligent, and always scores high in college. He found Shinigami notebook on the lawns of his high school in Kyoto, Japan. He has a strong spirit of justice and wanted to rid of crime in the world as he was the son of the Chief of the NPA, and police officer of the Japan task force. So, he can easily breach his father’s computer and take all records of criminals, and kill them by writing the name them in the notebook. Anyways he feels bad from losing and wanted to accomplish his missing at any cost and he kills anyone who comes in his way.

Misa (2nd Kira):

Is Misa Amane a yandere? - Quora

            Misa was a supermodel, actress, and singer as well as a death note owner. She also has a Shinigami eye. Gelus Shinigami was fall in love with her and die to save her life and after his death Rem Shinigami delivers Gelus book to her. she trades Shinigami eye 2nd time with Ryuk Shinigami When Misa found out that Light is Kira who has his parents murdered, she falls in love with him and decides to dedicate her life for him.

Teru (3rd Kira):

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Teru Minamoto

            From Birth, Teru has strong wisdom of justice, but as a kid, he was bullied and punished. Like the time he becomes a detective agent. He was also one of the characters who support Kira, he also called Kira “Kami” which means God.

Kyousuke Higuchi (4th Kira):

Death Note Higuchi

                Kyousuke Higuchi was the head of the Technology Development Organization in Yotsuba Corporation. He becomes a member of Kira because Light needed a high stander, greedy, selfish, and forceful person.

Kiyomi Takada (5th Kira):

Kiyomi Takada | Death note, Me me me anime, Death

                Kiyomi was a Light girlfriend in college. She’s like Misa but her calmer version. Light convinces Kiyomi to join Kira and become the spokesman on the NHN TV. She is also in love with Light and always here to support her and can do anything for him. All she knows about his mission is “win, win, win”

Shinigami Character in death note

Ryuk (Shinigami):

                The death note found by Light was own by the Ryuk Shinigami God OF Death. Ryuk was passing through high school where is drop the death note.  When Light use the death note first time the Shinigami appeared Infront of him and introduce himself and describe the uses of book and give certain instruction to him. As Light started using the book the Ryuk become observer and did take part in any action. Shinigami also refuse to do any help but he gives him an offer of Shinigami eye in exchange for his half-life span. With the Shinigami eye, you can see the name of any person but light refuses the offer. The Funny things about Ryuk Shinigami are “God of death like apple”

Rem (Shinigami):

                Like Ryuk, Rem is also Shinigami but she unlike Ryuk to gave a death note to someone for decent reasons. She cares about the human she traveling with.

Associates of L in Death Note:

L (L Lawliet):

                L is the well-known famous detective in the death note series he solves the hardest cases that can’t be solved by the CIA and FBI. No one knows the real name and identity of L excerpt Kira task force member whose mission is to kill Kira. Like Light, he hates losing and wanted to beat Kira at anycast. Fact about L he looks like a dumped guy and he is addicted to sugar.


                He is an L supporter and supplier to the task force like the CIA and FBI. He is also the founder of Wammy’s House. That produces mastermind detectives and includes L, Beyond Birthday, Mello, and Matt.



                He is one of the successors of L But is less intelligent than the Near. After, Near becomes the head of the Special Provision for Kira. He remains on the hunt for Kira. After making contact with “L“, He begins to suspect that he is also Kira.


            Mello was the older of two L successors. Ries in Wammy’s House. When Roger (In the Absence of Watari he is in Charge) asked Mellow to work with near. Mello refuses.

She doesn’t want to investigate Kira with near.

Task Force Character in Death Note

Soichiro Yagami:

                He is the father of Light, detective superintendent, and Chief officer of the task force in Japan. He also leading Kira’s task force later L joins with him.

Touta Matsuda:

He is a young member of the NPA and the Japanese Task Force. He also becomes Kira member, but in the end, Matsuda die, He has a smile on his face and shoot in his head.


Shuichi Aizawa:

                He is one of the most prominent detectives in death note and the Kira team. He has much high spirit to investigate and kill Kira. Although sometimes he gets frustrated from the L method of investigation.


Kanzo Mogi:

Mogi is a loyal member of the Japanesse task force. But he dies by Misa early on live-action of the movie.

Hideki Ide:

            He is one of the few police officers who remain with Soichiro during the Kira Investigation. He also one of the few people who remain life while investigating Kira

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