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How to Promote and Sell Artwork


Promoting and selling artworks is one of the most challenging aspects of an artists’ career. Most times, artists have to cut down marketing budgets to maximize profit. Also, they have to be efficient with their marketing strategy for maximum sales. 

Selling and promoting artworks is fun when you do it the right way. You can get the recognition you desire and make lots of money in the process. This guide offers easy but effective ways to promote and sell artworks.

 From establishing a solid online presence to exploring physical outlets, read on to find out five easy ways to sell and promote artworks. 

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Create an Impressive Portfolio to Promote Your Artwork 

One of the primary reasons for creating a portfolio is improving your brand and giving you sellable art packaging. This portfolio makes it easier for potential clients and admirers to have access to your work. A substantial portfolio attracts the target audience and keeps them interested in your works. 

Creating a portfolio is crucial in both sales’ promotion and brand awareness. It also makes it easy to make a new contact and submit your work for competitions. Ensure that you put up your best pieces to create a strong portfolio. 

  • Create Personal Website or Start Art Blog 

Creating websites or starting an art blog has several benefits. Firstly, it helps you to establish a reputable online website. Secondly, it allows you to promote your brand, meet new clients, and offer customer service.

Also, it provides a good platform where you meet new clients and sell your artwork. You might not be able to do without this option if you make and sell photo prints. The best way to display a collection of photo prints and offer prints services is by creating websites and blogs.

  • Explore Social Media Options 

The world is fast becoming a digital village, and social media plays a massive role in this transformation. It is an efficient way to network with people and create constant brand recognition. 

It also helps you stay active in communication with potential clients, associates, and other peers. Besides the fact that social media enhances communication, it is also a good marketplace. 

  • Guest Post on Other Blogs 

Another way to sell and promote your artwork is by guest posting on other blogs. This option helps you to diversify and increase your audience. Also, it gives you an avenue to link up with new readers. 

All you need to do is create a write-up on related topics with a backlink to your website or blog. It can even be a backlink to your sakes page. 

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  • Enter Artistry Competitions 

First off, it is best to understand that winning is not the only reason you should enter artistry competitions. These competitions help you offer you platforms where you can showcase your artworks to many audiences. Besides, it gives you the avenue to meet with other talented artists and potential customers. 

Aside from the list above, there are other ways you can promote and sell artworks. These alternatives include; 

  • Publish free eBooks, videos, and other learning materials 
  • Join forums and platforms for artists 
  • Make constructive comments on other art blogs 
  • Follow up on related activities and potential clients 
  • Network, Network, Network! 

Final Thought 

Promoting and selling artworks can be demanding and tricky, especially if you don’t know the right way to go about it. The list above helps you to identify creative ways of promoting and selling your artworks without much hassle. Feel free to explore! 

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