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What Skills Are Needed To Be a General Contractor?


Typically, a general contractor manages and supervises construction projects, as well as other related activities. As part of their supervisory role, general contractors ensure that all aspects of a construction project follow the set plan. In addition to that, it’s the responsibility of a general contractor to ensure that all the activities of a construction project are done according to the construction laws. 

Your primary role as a general contractor is to implement the designs proposed by the chief architect. That is, you will be expected to deliver a finished product within the set timeline, and the product must implement the intent of the proposed design. 

Other than that, a general contractor is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Keep constant communication with their clients to make sure that their needs are met
  • Create project schedules and timelines
  • Make sure that all construction tools and equipment are in good condition
  • Take care of onsite emergencies and other issues
  • Source for the required subcontractors
  • Manage all construction staff
  • Ensure that the construction project is completed within the set budget and on time

Please note that becoming a general contractor is different from becoming a specialty contractor. As a general contractor, you must have good and well-refined knowledge about the coordination of different trades in the industry. 

You must understand the time aspects of a construction project, as well as other factors that can affect the timing, including building inspections, delivery of construction materials, as well as unforeseen situations like weather. 

Today’s construction market is very competitive. And, general contractors must have the required skills to survive in this industry. Any successful general contractor must prove a solid understanding of the required skills. Moreover, keeping these skills fresh requires determination, practice, and continuing education. 

In this post, we shall review the skills required to become a general contractor. Read on for more information. 

Project management skills

Planning a construction project requires numerous skills. However, this all boils down to the ability to implement a successful project. Ensuring that projects finish on budget and on time is essential to a professional contractor. 

The project management skills required for a general manager include budgeting, having the right number of construction workers, as well as ensuring that all safety guidelines and building codes are followed. 

Attention to detail

A general contractor must follow the progress of construction projects closely. Besides, they should understand good construction practices and pay attention to building laws and regulations. Besides, they must make sure that anyone working on the project follows these regulations. Good attention to detail ensures that construction projects are done as required. 

Communication skills

When you become a general contractor, you will interact with many people across your line of work. From clients to workers, and other professionals in the industry, you must have the skills to interact professionally with them. With that said, good communication skills can assist you to understand as well as implement the expectations of your clients. 

Besides, when working on a project, general contractors interact with subcontractors, architects, and city inspectors. Efficient communication helps to avoid communication breakdown, and this ensures that the project finishes on budget and on time. 

Moreover, it’s the responsibility of general contractors to manage workers, making sure that they complete the assigned tasks. General contractors also manage any misunderstandings that arise among the workers they supervise. This calls for one to have top-notch communication skills to supervise other people effectively. 

Math skills

Professional contractors from the general contracting company, AFS General Contracting agree that every general contractor must have exceptional math skills. They need these skills to assist them in creating designs as they develop blueprints. In addition, general contractors need math skills to manage the project’s finances, as well as when measuring construction spaces. Moreover, a general contractor needs to do basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, general contractors must have a grasp of advanced math formulas when developing a project design. 

Problem-solving skills

Construction projects face numerous challenges, regardless of how well they are managed. A professional general contractor should be able to handle these challenges calmly and create a plan to get the project back on track.

For instance, if there is a delay in the delivery of construction materials, a general contractor should inform the workers about the challenge, and assign them other tasks that don’t require the delayed materials. However, a general contractor needs to keep the client’s interest in mind when coming up with a solution. This should help the contractor to avoid unwanted expenses and delays. Please note that problem-solving skills don’t come in one day—it takes time and experience to develop these skills. Also, consulting other general contractors when faced with a challenge can help you develop these skills. 

Organizational skills

This is the ability for one to make good use of time, resources, and energy in the most efficient way possible to implement the project. As a general contractor, you will be required to organize tasks for your workers to ensure efficient work organization, time management, planning, coordinating resources, scheduling, as well as making sure each employee meets their deadlines. 

Computer skills

Today, the construction industry heavily relies on computer technology. Because of this, general contractors must have computer skills to implement a client’s project. Whether you use a computer to complete office tasks like sending emails or planning a construction project using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, these skills will make your work easier. 

Other than having computer skills, a general contractor must monitor emerging and modern trends to make sure that their workers can complete work quickly and with the required accuracy. 

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