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Different Ways To Use Google Trends for SEO Content Marketing

Google Trends

The race to the search engine’s top page is highly competitive. With over 1.88 billion websites competing for the first page, how can yours gain an edge? You will need to discover smart SEO content marketing tactics that can give your website a boost. Today, we want to show you how to use Google trends in SEO content marketing to drive more traffic to your website, make your brand popular, and boost sales. 

Why Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free analytics tool designed by Google to provide visualized data on the popularity of a search term. For each search phrase you type on Google Trends, you see data about the number of online visitors searching it by geographical location, history of search volumes, related queries, and trending topics relevant to the search term. By enabling you to explore what the word is searching, Google Trends boosts your SEO content marketing in various ways, as shown below.

How to Use Google Trends for SEP Content Marketing 

  • Keyword research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO and content marketing. You can get relevant keywords for your business using any other keyword research tool. However, Google Trends not only gets you new keywords but also empowers you to validate each keyword. This is crucial for your SEO content marketing success since you don’t want to invest in keywords that won’t bring the desired results. 

How to use Google trends to validate your keywords? what is a content creator?

  • Study the keyword search volumes and trends 

Most keyword research tools just show current search volumes. But Google Trends gives you insights into the past, current, and predicts the future performance of a keyword. This data empowers you to determine whether your target audience is interested in content around a search phrase and how long their interest will remain. Creating content around popular keywords means you can draw more traffic to your website and keep them coming for longer. 

  • Discover user’s search intent for the keyword

Internet users visit the search engine when they are passing by, looking for information, or looking to make a purchase. Every search phrase they type on the Google search engine is likely to lead to either of the three outcomes. It’s important to understand the motive of a search that uses your target keywords so that you can create content that fulfills the user’s search intent. Online visitors will click such content more and cause the search engine to rank it higher. 

  • Take advantage of break out keywords

Break out keywords give you the opportunity to be the proverbial early bird that catches the worm. According to Google, these are keywords with high search volumes (5000% growth rate) for a specified time frame but don’t have historical data. That tells you that the phrases have a high potential since few content creators are using them yet.  

  • Google Trends helps you generate content ideas

By looking at the related topics, you’ll easily discover what kinds of content your audience is consuming. Use the data to determine if a blog post or video would do better for the keywords. Also, you could enrich your content calendar with cluster topics generated by looking at the popular topics and related queries section of Google Trends. 

  1. Keep Your Content Fresh

Monitoring search trends will arm you with information on what’s new about a topic. You get ideas to improve your content to match the changing needs of users. You add new popular keywords to help readers discover old blog posts. Blog post updates enable old content to keep driving website traffic. 

  1. Analyze your competitors

Besides related queries and topics, you’ll see brands that create content or sell products around the keywords you type in Google trends. This gains you a hint at who you are competing with. Use Google Trends’ comparison feature to discover their search volumes. Study their SEO and content marketing tactics to find ideas to enhance your strategy or unearth loopholes you can exploit to outrank your competitors. 

Gathering Google Trends Data 

Now that you know how to use Google Trends data to boost your SEO content marketing, you probably want to know the simplest way to curate this data. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide a public API to scrape data from their tool. Worry not though, you can easily scrape Google Trends data with a third-party API. A Google Trends API helps you to harvest real-time keyword data on a large scale and store it in your device for analysis.  

To learn much more about how to use Google Trends and acquire the data from this platform, check out this blog post. 


When planning your content, using keyword Research software is helpful in generating a list of prospective phrases to target. However, your success in SEO content marketing lies in getting the best words, for the search engines and searchers, to convey your message. Consider that phrases in different regions might vary. To keep all these factors in check when carrying out your SEO content marketing, use Google Trends data to gain relevant insights and optimize your keywords. 

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