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Rev Up Your Ride: Exploring Specialty Paints for Unique Automotive Finishes


When you want to update the look of your car or truck, a fresh coat of specialty paint can give your vehicle a unique style. Learn about the different types of automotive specialty paints that you can use to rev up your ride, get a few practical tips for automotive painting projects rusticotv, and find out where you can buy paint in your favorite shade and finish.

Types of Automotive Specialty Paints

You can choose from several types of specialty paint for . One of the most popular finishes is metallic paint, which contains aluminum powder to catch and reflect light.

Pearlescent paint contains ceramic or mica crystals that both reflect and refract light. The sparkling element in this paint can be any color for a dazzling appearance that looks different from every angle. Matte paint provides a unique shine-free finish, but can be costly and difficult to maintain.

Solid paint is the most common type of automotive paint. You should consider the ease of matching any type of paint in case you need to learn how to use a dent puller, wet sand a damaged area and paint over body damage.

Practical Considerations for Automotive Painting

Some types of automotive paint require specialized equipment for application. Acrylic enamel paint can run unless you have access to the right equipment, and you will need a compressor and automotive painting gear to apply liquid polyurethane paint.

In addition to accessing the right equipment for applying automotive specialty paint, you should also consider the ease of matching shades and using paint repair tools. Solid paint is not the most unique finish, but these shades are the easiest to match with car spray paint and other application methods.

Metallic paint can be more difficult to match, but the glittering appearance of this paint hides some small dings or scratches. Pearlescent paint is also challenging to match and touch up. Matte paint is perhaps the most costly and difficult specialty automotive paint to use, as most paint repair kits are intended for glossy finishes.

Where To Buy Automotive Specialty Paints

You can buy specialty paints for vehicles at an auto parts store location or online. Shop a retailer that has a large selection of shades and finishes. When you purchase automotive paint made by leading brands, it can be easier to match your chosen shade for touch-ups or repairs.

When you need a dent puller and paint repair tools, look no further than your nearest auto parts store. You can also find other tools for repairing paint damage, such as body filler, dent removal rods, glue guns and tabs, knock-down punches and slide hammers.

Once you determine which type of paint is on your vehicle, you can make an informed choice about the type of specialty paint you want to use to rev up your ride. Whether you prefer a solid, metallic, pearlescent or matte finish, you can get the best price on automotive paint when you shop online or at the nearest auto parts store location.

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